How to become a grand princess

Princess Lesson Pad (プリンセスレッスンパッド Purinsesu Ressun Paddo?)is an item used in Go! Princess Pretty Cure to hold Miss Shamour. When needed a lesson on an activity such as flower coordinating, dress making, tennis, etc., they circle the pen above the red heart at the bottom of the item to call Miss Shamour out.

Other Uses

Besides holding Miss Shamour, it has also held Kuroro when he was resting after his being healed by the Cures. It is also capable of bringing the girls into inside, and can be used to communicate with Prince Kanata.


The Princess Lesson Pad looks like an original tablet with a silver crown emblem on the top of the black screen. The sides of the pad is pink with white areas surrounding the screen and at the bottom is a red heart with a gold trim. At the very top of the pad is a gold crown like handle.


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