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Princess Marie Ange (マリー・アンジュ王女 Marī Anju Ōjo?) (or Princess Marie Angelica in the English dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is/was the ruler of the Trump Kingdom. She first appeared in episode 7, as in the flashback when Makoto was telling the story of the Trump Kingdom.


Before the Kingdom was invaded by Selfish King

The Kingdom was in peace along with the people which lived there. Princess Marie Ange was the queen and enjoyed seeing her subjects happy. Cure Sword, her servant, also named Kenzaki Makoto, was one of her friends and the last legendary warrior of Pretty Cure. She always enjoyed her performances and complimented her singing. DDPC07

Destruction of the Trump Kingdom

After a while the Kingdom had been invaded by the Selfish King, she and the Selfish Trio had turned the people into Jikochuu. But Princess Marie Ange hadn't lost hope and fought them with her servants and Sword. She had used all her power to turn the Selfish King into stone. Cure Sword saved her by rushing into a room full of transporting mirrors which transported people from the Trump Kingdom to Earth. Cure Sword had gone into a mirror with the Princess but after an attack caused by Bel, the Princess and Sword get separated. So now Makoto became an idol to sing and try to let Princess Marie-Ange hear her voice to find her. DDPC07

Past life

Princess Marie Ange practicing archery

Joe mentions and tells the story of him and Marie Ange and how they met. He said that she loved creating sculptures, loved competing in archery with him, and also liked flowers. She had fun with Jonathan, then once Sir Jonathan had to leave as he had to guard a tower, and she felt lonely. She sent him letters including a rose, however she stopped as the Selfish King attacked Trump Kingdom. Jonathan then got worried and then went to the Trump Kingdom, however he was too late as no one was there. He then knew that Marie Ange had transported to Earth due to the mirrors and then he went to Earth to find her. DDPC18

Discovery and rescue

After the Cures locate all the Royal Crystals they find Princess Marie Ange frozen in ice on a frozen mountain. She was then kidnapped and taken away by the Selfish Trio to the remains of the Trump Kingdom. There the Trio along with the Selfish King were trying to use her to break the king's imprisonment. After a tough fought battle by the Cures and Joe, she was taken back to the human world and hidden by Joe. DDPC20 DDPC21 DDPC22

The Truth

In episode 46, it was revealed that the frozen crystal was not really her and that her father is the Selfish King. She split her psyche into two parts: Aguri, her good side, and Regina, her bad side. In a last attempt to rescue Marie Ange, the Cures, Ai and Regina managed to defeat the Selfish King who later returned to normal.

Fading away

After the defeat of King Jikochuu, Marie could not be revived as both Regina and Aguri now had full Psyches. She bid everyone farewell and passes away after telling them to look after Ai.DDPC49


Sir Jonathan Klondike: The princess’ knight and fiancée.

Cure Sword: The songstress of the Trump Kingdom who was the last of the Pretty Cure. She served under the princess and the two were also close friends.

Madoka Aguri: The light half of her heart. The part that loved her people.

Regina: The dark half of her heart. The part that loved her father.

Ai: The princess’ present day form. Her spirit lives on inside this fairy-like baby.





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