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Princess Perfume

The Princess Perfume

Princess Perfume (プリンセスパフューム Purinsesu Pafu~yūmu?) are the main transformation devices from Go! Princess Pretty Cure. The girls use the perfumes in order to transform into their regular Cure forms. By inserting the Dress Up Keys they are able to change into Mode Elegant and can perform finishing moves.

The Fourth Perfume

GPPC19 Twilight Finds the Forth Perfume

Twilight finds the fourth Princess Perfume

Originally, there were only three Princess Perfumes to exist. However, the past princesses have created the fourth perfume to provide the future Pretty Cures more powers they could use in the fight against the power of despair.

The fourth perfume was later been obtained by the princess of Dys Dark, Twilight. Though having problems using the perfume at first, Twilight soon managed to use the power of it which turned her into the Dark Princess. After being saved by the Cures to become Towa again, the flames of hope purified the fourth Princess Perfume along with her Dress Up Keys when she confronted Dyspear. The fourth perfume has since then given her the power to transform into the princess of flames, Cure Scarlet.


In order to transform, the Cures insert a Dress Up Key, filling the perfume with a liquid based on the Cures color: Pink for Haruka, Blue for Minami, Yellow for Kirara, and Red for Towa; as Twilight, the liquid was instead a very dark purple. To transform, the user sprays the Perfume over themself.


A crystal heart-shaped bottle with a crown design etched at the middle, surrounded by various other designs. A matching golden crown-like piece sits on top with a diamond heart on top. At the middle is a hot pink ornate diamond, where the perfume comes from. The bottle is attached to a pale pink base with a simple design on the front and a wing-like design etched on back.

Twilight's resembles the others but the glass of the bottle has a grey tint to match the dull coloring of the base its attached to. The crown on top is black, with the diamond piece being a very dull in color. Once filled, it begins to glow purple.



  • The Princess Perfume, along with the Dress Up Keys are shown to not work if their owner has fallen into despair.


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