Prism Hopish

The Prism Hopish (プリズムホーピッシュ Purizumu Hōpisshu?) is the Garden of Light's source of power, and also the source of light in the whole universe. It includes seven stones, five of which were stolen by the Dotsuku Zone. The remaining two were given to Mipple and Mepple, who fled to the Garden of Rainbow's to guard them.

Whenever the Cures get a stone back, the Guardian of the Stones official seals it back into the Hopish to protect it.

The Hopish also appears as a flashback in Max Heart.


The hopish is a large pink heart with a white ornate border and a heart at the middle on top. On the bottom is a rounded piece with four blue hearts facing each other on two, larger pale blue hearts. Beneath this is a small section for the hand. The inner portion where the gems rest is dark pink with etchings for the hearts to be inserted.

The hearts are small gems that reside on a pale pink or white frame. 

List of stones

Stone Color Kept by Retrieved in episode
Green Pisard FwPC05
Aquamarine Gekidrago FwPC11
Orange Poisony FwPC20
Yellow Kiriya FwPC21
Purple Ilkubo FwPC24

Mipple and Mepple


Dark Blue


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