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The Prism Stones (プリズムストーン Purizumu Sutōn) are seven magical stones that ensure the survival of the Garden of Light, and the main collectible item in Futari Wa Pretty Cure. The Prism Stones are heart-shaped stones, each being a different color of the rainbow. They belong in the Prism Hopish, with the pink one being primarily in the middle.

Garden of Light

Five of the Prism Stones were stolen when the Dotsuku Zone invaded the Garden of Light. Mepple and Mipple were given the red and indigo stones, respectively, for safekeeping before fleeing the Garden of Light. They keep the stones in their tails while they have Pretty Cure recover the rest of them.


Bannin y stones.jpg

Each of the Evil King's five servants holds a Prism Stone. With the defeat of each one, a Prism Stone is recovered, with the exception of Kiriya, who willingly gave up his stone at the cost of his own life.


  • Most of the time, the prism stones are rendered in 3D. This is most likely done to avoid their relatively complex design being drawn frame by frame.