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Queen Dessert (クイーンデザート Kuīn Dezāto?) is the queen of Dessert Kingdom. She got brainwashed by Mushiban after he showed her respect in order to make her let her guard down. After his defeat she returns to normal.



Queen Dessert is a tall, fair skinned woman with gentle blue eyes an a pair of pastel orange dog-like ears. Her thick, long pink hair is worn in two separated segments bound with several dark magenta straps. Her navel-length bangs are slightly curled on end and frame her face, and she has smaller loose curls by her forehead. She wears a small gold crown with a gem and pearl at the center.

Normally, she wears a white long-sleeved dress with a baby pink ruffled layer over it that has pink fabric at the elbow to accent the skirts lining. She wears a long white scalloped cape with a pink flower at the center. When under the effects of Mushiban's brainwashing, her hair turned magenta and her eyes turned red. Her attire stayed the same but was colored in various purple shades, and she has makeup on.


She is kind and loyal to the subjects of her kingdom and she really loves Chocola.


Before she got brainwashed

Before she got brainwashed she was kind and loyal to the citizens in the Dessert Kingdom. She enjoyed eating cakes and also playing with Chocola, her daughter.

After she got brainwashed

She got brainwashed by Mushiban, making everyone into terror and Chocola. She did everything for Mushiban as she locked Coco, Nuts, Milk and Syrup into the castle and made Coco turn evil. She then didn't have power enough to do anything anymore since Mushiban took her power but luckily, with Chocola she broke free from Mushiban's control.

Mushiban's defeat

After Mushiban was defeated everyone was turned to normal, as the kingdom also enjoyed the celebration they did when Cure Dream had defeated Mushiban.


Chocola - Her daughter, who was really loyal to her and she breaks free from Mushiban's control because of her.

Pretty Cure - Once Mushiban is defeated she is shown being very thankful to them for saving her and taking care of Chocola.

Mushiban - She trusted Mushiban at work because he showed respect to her. However, after a while she knew he was bad, but Mushiban had brainwashed her, making her work for him.





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