Queen Dessert
クイーンデザート Kuīn Dezāto
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Eye ColorQueen Dessert (Blue)

Brainwashed (Red)

Hair ColorQueen Dessert (Peach)

Brainwashed (Magenta)

Home PlaceDessert Kingdom
RelativesChocola (Daughter)
First AppearanceYes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!
Japanese Voice ActorDoi Mika

Queen Dessert (クイーンデザート Kuīn Dezāto?) is the queen of Dessert Kingdom. She got brainwashed by Mushiban and was evil and cruel to Chocola, her daughter and the Cures. Mushiban showed her respect, but Queen Dessert didn't know he was evil. When Mushiban is defeated, she goes back to her normal form.


She appears in the castle which CocoNutsSyrup, and Milk come to the castle with Chocola. She first tells them that you can eat her castle but Coco, Nuts, Syrup and Milk with Chocola were thinking if something was wrong. After, she traps Nuts, Syrup and Milk in some spheres and lets Coco with Chocola only people, after a while she stares at Coco really evilly and in another scene it shows the castle and Chocola screaming.


Before she got brainwashed

Before she got brainwashed she was kind and loyal to the citizens in the Dessert Kingdom. She enjoyed eating cakes and also playing with Chocola, her daughter.

After she got brainwashed

She got brainwashed by Mushiban, making everyone into terror and Chocola. She did everything for Mushiban as she locked Coco, Nuts, Milk and Syrup into the castle and made Coco turn evil. She then didn't have power enough to do anything anymore since Mushiban took her power but luckily, with Chocola she broke free from Mushiban's control.

Mushiban's defeat

After Mushiban was defeated everyone was turned to normal, as the kingdom also enjoyed the celebration they did when Cure Dream had defeated Mushiban.


Chocola - Her daughter, who was really loyal to her and she breaks free from Mushiban's control because of her.

Pretty Cure - She didn't know them till Mushiban got destroyed, but she was thankful of them for taking care of Chocola and defeating Mushiban.

Mushiban - She trusted Mushiban at work because he showed respect to her. However, after a while she knew he was bad, but Mushiban had brainwashed her, making her work for him.





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