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Queen Teatinu (テアティーヌ様?) is a supporting character from the series Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is Latte's mother and the Queen of Healing Garden.



Teatinu resembles a light beige Afghan Hound with small purple eyes that have three lashes. On her forehead is a gold heart ornament with a pale blue middle. She wears a gown with two layers: white at the top, and purple at the bottom. On her neck is a gold necklace with a blue gem in the middle.

As a puppy, she greatly resembled Latte with long hair-like ears. She also wore the tiara and necklace she has now.


Teatinu is a graceful, kindhearted and benevolent queen and a loving but somehow overly doting mother to Latte.


  • Latte - Her daughter who she spoils quite frequently.
  • Rabirin, Pegitan, and Nyatoran - The Healing Animals who she has entrusted Latte to.


Prior to the season, Teatinu resided in the Healing Garden with the Healing Animals peacefully, until King Byogen invaded the garden. She had a fierce battle and evenly matched King Byogen's, but ultimately she was worn out by the fight.

Teatinu is later seen about to send Latte, Rabirin, Pegitan, and Nyatoran to the human world. She entrusts Latte to the Healing Animals and sends them away via a portal after giving them a heartfelt farewell.

According to the Wind Element Spirit, Teatinu used to be the partner of the rumoured Legendary Pretty Cure, who used to live in Sukoyaka City back when it was just a small town.

Upon learning that Latte is endangered, Teatinu becomes heartbroken and desperate. Although her body is weak, she still crawls towards the statue in the Healing Garden, and prays to it in tears in hopes of her child being saved. Her prayer is answered when a spirit based on the appearance of the statue becomes Cure Earth, who saves Latte.

After learning that the Cures have received power-up forms and the Healin' Good Arrow, Teatinu is proud of them, but she is uneasy at the same time as she detected a new threat from the Byogens.

Some time later, Teatinu and the other animals from the Healing Garden are gradually recovering thanks to the help of Pretty Cure and their partners.

In episode 39, she is briefly seen in a flashback to when she was a puppy, fighting alongside the ancient Pretty Cure.

When King Byogen initiates his evil scheme, Teatinu arrives to assist the Cures. With assistance from some veteran Healing Animals, she manages to weaken and trap Neo King Byogen, but Neo King Byogen eventually breaks free from her cage. Just as she grows weaker, the Cures come to her aid as they finally figured out a way to get past the king's barrier. Unfortunately, he destroys the cage and absorbs Queen Teatinu along with the Cures. However, the Cures' and everyone in the world's desire to live eventually frees them all. During that time, she is surprised that even they can give her encouragement.

After Neo King Byogen's defeat, Teatinu invites Nodoka, Chiyu and Hinata to visit the Healing Garden in an act of gratitude. She later tells Saruro, who has a strong distrust towards humans, that although he is not entirely wrong about them, she has bonded with one herself and believes that together they can forge a better future. She forgives the three girls for unintentionally bringing a Nanobyogen into the place, and bids them farewell when they depart.


She appears to be able to deflect Neo King Byogen's attacks with ease and, with the assistance of some of the other Healing Animals, can erect a dome-shaped cage to protect everyone and keep Neo King Byogen in.


  • Teatinu's name is a play on the Japanese words teate (手当て) which means "medical treatment", and inu (?), which means "dog".
  • Episode 20 revealed that Teatinu is the first Healing Animal to appear in the Healing Garden.


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