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Rabirin (ラビリン?) is one of the main fairies and Nodoka's fairy partner from the series Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is a rabbit like fairy who ends her sentences with "~rabi" (「~ラビ」?).



Rabirin is a small pearl pink fairy that resembles a rabbit. Her inner-ear and cheeks are pink, and she has rounded, dark pink eyes with a single lash on each. Her tuft of fuchsia hair curls to the side, and on her neck is a pink shawl with a magenta flower bud and single leaf at the middle.


Rabirin is energetic with a strong sense of justice. As a result of being too impulsive and high-spirited, she can make too many mistakes which in turn, often ends up dragging Nodoka into them.


  • Hanadera Nodoka - When she first met Nodoka, Rabirin was rather cold towards her, mainly because of how different they are. Nonetheless, after being moved by Nodoka's courage, she chose the girl as her partner.
  • Latte - Rabirin decides to take the role of Latte's caretaker and acts like her big sister.
  • Pegitan - Pegitan is good friends with Rabirin, and usually gives her invaluable advice.


Meeting Nodoka and Becoming Her Partner

Rabirin and her fairy friends encounter Hanadera Nodoka, who hopes to aid a sick Latte. At first, Rabirin thinks Nodoka is a failure since she expects her future partner to be a doctor. When some bad energy almost hits Nodoka, she pushes Nodoka out of the way and learns that Nodoka does have some courage in her to fight. Touched by Nodoka's determination, they become partners.

The following day, Rabirin and her fairy friends accompany Nodoka to school, but Rabirin is soon surprised and disappointed when she discovers Nodoka is awful at sports. Believing Nodoka had lied to her in terms of her capabilities, she becomes upset, throws a tantrum and storms off. Pegitan then finds her sitting by herself and advises her to apologize to Nodoka. At first, Rabirin is reluctant, though she changes her mind after Pegitan tells her that he knows she cares for Nodoka.

When realizing that Latte has become sick thanks to the Tree Megabyogen, Rabirin rushes over to Nodoka. Nodoka, who fails to slow down the Tree Megabyogen, finally reveals her body condition to Rabirin. Rabirin, now understanding Nodoka, ultimately accepts Nodoka as her partner so they can purify the Tree Megabyogen together.




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