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The Rainbow Carriage (レインボーキャリッジ Reinbō Kyarijji?) is an item used by the Cures in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! for the first time in episode 31. It is used to perform Extreme Rainbow if all Linkle Stones come together and insert themselves onto the carriage. It makes its first appearance in episode 29, in which Mofurun created it to help Mirai, Riko and Kotoha return to the Magic World so they could wake up from their dream.


The Rainbow Carriage has a white base and four gold colored wheels, with a white flower in the middle of each wheel. On either side is a pink rectangular button with a witch hat symbol on it. On the front, there is a pink bow with a slot that the Linkle Stone Alexandrite can be inserted into. There is a glass top, that opens up to show a white pentagram with a gold trim. Lining the pentagram are different colored triangles as well as twelve different slots for the Linkle Stones. Like the Flower Echo Wand and the Linkle Sticks, various stones can be inserted onto the carriage.


Maho Girls Alexandrite.jpg

Thanks to the power of the Linkle Stone Alexandrite, the Cures can transform into their Over The Rainbow Style. The Rainbow Carriage allows the three Cures to perform their first group attack, Extreme Rainbow together.

The Rainbow Carriage can also collect the Linkle Stone spirits.


  • The Rainbow Carriage was created during the dream sequence of Cinderella.
  • When it first appeared, the pegasus that drew the carriage appeared to have a physical form, but it doesn't appear to have one in its subsequent appearances when Extreme Rainbow is used.