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Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu?) is the first group purification attack that the Smile! Cures use. To use it, the Cures need Candy to produce the Jewel Decors, which they have to insert into their Smile Pacts. This attack was first shown in episode 12 and is capable of successfully purifying Blue Nose Akanbe. In the English dub, the name is changed to Tiara Mode Torrent.


Candy first produces a beam of golden light from the markings on her forehead, which explode to form the 5 Jewel Decors. The Cures then grab their own Jewel Decor and insert it into their Smile Pacts. This allows them to power-up to Tiara Mode, during which their normal white tiara is replaced by a golden crown, and their earrings change as well.

The Cures then put their hands together and shout out part of the incantation phrase. Golden angel wing decorations form on their tiaras, and their 5 colored lights shine from their hands. They then raise their free hands and complete the incantation phrase. The bubble of white light surrounding them explodes into a rainbow wall, which blasts towards the enemy.



Cures: プリキュアレインボーヒーリング!


Cures: Purikyua Reinbō Hīringu!

Literal Translation

Cures: Pretty Cure Rainbow Healing!

Glitter Force

Candy: Okay, all together! The Glitter Force five plus one!
All: Insert Tiara Charm!
Glitter Pact: Activate Tiara Mode!
All: Glitter Force Tiara Mode Torrent!


  • There is a small error in episodes 12-14: when March sets her Jewel Decor on her Smile Pact, the blue gem on the Pact lights up instead of the green one. This is corrected from episode 17 on.





Rainbow Healing (Smile Precure!) ~HD