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Rainbow Perfume

Cure Cosmo's Rainbow Perfume!

Rainbow Perfume (レインボーパフューム Reinbō Pafyūmu?) is a device in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure that Cure Cosmo uses to perform Rainbow Splash and Cosmo Shining. It first appeared in episode 21, after her determination to save Aiwarn caused the perfume to appear.


A glass-like bottle of perfume with sections of various colors around the bottom and a heart design at the middle. On the top and bottom of the bottle are ornate cerulean attachments decorated with wings and stars. On the top segment is a white and pink winding piece connected to a pair of cat ears adorned by a heart, along with a pink bow that has a gold shooting star charm on it, and a nozzle piece on the front. The pink handle is curved in a heart shape with a wing attached on top.


In episode 21, it first appears and it is used to perform Cure Cosmo's attack, Rainbow Splash. Outside of battle, it allows Yuni to disguise herself, just like her regular perfume used to do.


  • The Rainbow Perfume was upgraded from Blue Cat's Cat Perfume when Yuni became a Pretty Cure.




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