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Rainbow Colored Hope

The Rainbow Ribbon (レインボーリボン?) is the weapon Cure Parfait uses to perform all of her solo attacks.


A white rod with dollops of cream going down the middle, seven of which are adorned by a uniquely colored star. Around the bottom is a spherical shape with a white ribbon and star design to accent the bow shaped piece above it, while the section on top of the rod has a band of cream surrounding a yellow gem. Beneath this is a design that resembles dripping pink icing, while above it is a pastel pink section, a large pile of cream adorned by a big yellow star, a pair of white and blue wings, and a large translucent star that lights up. A rainbow colored ribbon flows from the tip during use.


Cure Parfait gained her Rainbow Ribbon after her Pretty Cure power cleansed the darkness from Julio's black wand, transforming the rod into the weapon Parfait uses in all her battles.

Main Uses

The rainbow colored ribbon that is attached to the tip of Parfait's wand, is filled with immense power and can be used to do many things, such as: wrapping around an opponent, changing its shape to become a shield, tightening its opponent by becoming multiple rings, allowing a fountain of light to rain down onto the opponent, and creating a rainbow path for the Cures to stand upon.



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