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Pretty Cure with their Cure Fleurets before summoning the Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Rose Explosion (レインボーローズエクスプロージョン Reinbō Rōzu Ekusupurōjon?) is Pretty Cure's next ultimate group attack in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. It is obtained when Coco uses the power of his Palmier crown to summon the Cure Fleurets to each of the Cures.


The five Rainbow Roses

Coco calls for the power for Pretty Cure, and from the skies, a special device holding the five Cure Fleurets fall down. The Cure Fleurets are then shot out from the device, and eventually, land on each of the five girls' hands. The hold of the Cure Fleurets change and saber-like blades come forth. All the girls introduce each of their Cure Fleuret before they point each end of the blades toward the center of the circle. A Light then shines from the points, and as they take their sabers back, five roses in the Cures' colors appear before them. They then thrust the sabers forward, and the roses are shot. On their way, the roses mix together into one grand rose in the colors or the rainbow. It then flies above the enemy before falling down, crushing it.



Coco: プリキュアに力を!

Cure Dream: クリスタルフルーレ、希望の光!
Cure Rouge: ファイヤーフルーレ、情熱の光!
Cure Lemonade: シャイニングフルーレ、はじける光!
Cure Mint: プロテクトフルーレ、安らぎの光!
Cure Aqua: トルネードフルーレ、知性の光!
Cure Dream: 五つの光に···
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ···勇気を乗せて!
Everybody: プリキュアレインボーローズエクスプロージョン!


Coco: Purikyua ni chikara wo!

Cure Dream: Kurisutaru Furūre, kibō no hikari!
Cure Rouge: Faiyā Furūre, jōnetsu no hikari!
Cure Lemonade: Shainingu Furūre, hajikeru hikari!
Cure Mint: Purotekuto Furūre, yasuragi no hikari!
Cure Aqua: Torunēdo Furūre, chisei no hikari!
Cure Dream: Itsutsu no hikari ni...
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ...Yūki wo nosote!
Everybody: Purikyua Reinbō Rōzu Ekusupurōjon!

Literal Translation

Coco: Power for Pretty Cure!

Cure Dream: Crystal Fleuret, the light of hope!
Cure Rouge: Fire Fleuret, the light of passion!
Cure Lemonade: Shining Fleuret, the effervescent light!
Cure Mint: Protect Fleuret, the light of tranquility!
Cure Aqua: Tornado Fleuret, the light of intelligence!
Cure Dream: Let our five lights ...
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ... be ridden by courage!
Everybody: Pretty Cure Rainbow Rose Explosion!