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Rainbow Storm

Rainbow Storm (レインボーストーム Reinbō Sutōmu?) is Cure Black and Cure White's third and strongest attack in Futari wa Pretty Cure. It is one of the few ways to purify the objects posessed by the Zakenna, so it can commonly be named a finisher. Black and White can only use this attack when they are together and have Pollun close by. When the power of the Prism Stones have disappeared from his body, the girls cannot perform this attack anymore.


Pollun shouts out "Don't give up!", and light surrounds him. The Prillet card is swiped on the Rainbow Commune, and he tells Pretty Cure to receive the Power of Light. Light then strikes each of the girls' arms, giving them the Rainbow Bracelets. They then hold hands, say their chant then shout out the attack's name. Directly after that, they reach their other arms towards the enemy, then forcefully pull their arms back to reach out once more. A grand beam of rainbow light shoots from their palms and the enemy is swept into the rainbow beam, in which it is purified.



Pollun: 負けちゃダメ-ポポ!
Pollun: 光のパワーを受け取れ-ポポ!

Cure White: 希望の力よ!光の意思よ!
Cure Black: 未来へ向かってすき進め!
Both: プリキュア・レインボーストーム!


Pollun: Makecha dame-popo!
Pollun: Hikari no pawā wo uketore-popo!

Cure White: Kibō no chikara yo! Hikari no ishi yo!
Cure Black: Mirai e mukatte tsukisusume!
Both: Purikyua Reinbō Sutōmu!


Pollun: Don't bully Pretty Cure-popo!
Pollun: Receive the Power of Light-popo!

Cure White: O Power of Hope! O Will of Light!
Cure Black: Face toward the future and press onward!
Both: Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm!

English Dub

Pollun: Quit picking on them, you bullies!
Pollun: I entrust you with the Power of Light!

Cure White: With the Power of Hope and the Will of Light!
Cure Black: We face the future and continue to fight!
Both: Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm!