Ruby Passionale (ルビー・パッショナーレ Rubī Passhonāre?) is the second group attack performed by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! series. It is first used in episode 3 and requires the Magic Wands and Linkle Stone Ruby to be inserted into the Linkle Sticks and they must be in their Ruby Styles.


Miracle and Magical summon their Linkle Sticks and Mofurun sends a red tunnel of light towards the Linkle Stone Dia on the girls Linkle Sticks to make them become the Linkle Stone Ruby. Saying part of the incantation, the two girls grab each other's free hand and point their sticks towards the enemy, making the head of their sticks glow. Mofurun sends more red light to the girls and the girls draw a heart shaped circle in which the hearts combine to become a pentagram that the two girls jump on. Using the pentagram as a launch pad, they say the final part of the incantation and fly towards the enemy with red light surrounding them both. They fly through the enemy and trap it in a red bow which then purifies it. 



Both: リンクルステッキ!
Both: ルビー!
Both: 紅の情熱よ、私たちの手に!
Both: フルフルリンクル~!
Both: プリキュアルビーパッショナーレ!


Both: Rinkuru Sutekki!
Both: Rubī!
Both: Kurenai no jōnetsu yo! Watashitachi no te ni!
Both: Furufuru・Rinkuru~!
Both: Purikyua Rubī Passhonāre!


Both: Linkle Stick!
Both: Ruby!
Both: Oh, crimson passion, within our hands!
Both: Shaking Linkle~!
Both: Pretty Cure Ruby Passionale!


  • The word passionale means "passionate" in Italian.



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⚫PreCure Ruby Passionale⚫

Ruby Passionale

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