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Meromero~! Kanade's Lucky Spoon-nya ♪ (メロメロ〜!奏のラッキースプーンニャ♪ Meromero~! Kanade no Rakkī Supūn nya ♪?) is the 15th episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 356th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kanade works hard to make sweets for Ouji's birthday after being asked by his friends. But while putting her whole heart into it, it is soon broken after she hears he has a girlfriend.


Kanade frosts cupcakes

Kanade helps the members of Musical Prince's prepare for a birthday party for Ouji at Lucky Spoon. As she works hard, Hibiki lends them a hand and they agree to hold the party out at the terrace.

Siren, who was hiding and listening in to their conversation starts to plot to ruin it.

Without a clue, Kanade put her heart into cake-making practice. Watching Kanade work, Hibiki also volunteered to help out, hoping alongside Hummy that she is able to make Ouji really happy.

Kanade gets upset about Ouji

The next day, Kanade went to look for the Musical Prince's to discuss birthday party details, but overheard Ouji talking about his "princess" not feeling well. Right away, she believes he means a girlfriend and and returns home - losing the drive to continue baking.

Hibiki and Hummy encouraged the depressed Kanade, saying that if she really wished for Ouji to be happy with her Lucky Spoon, she had to finish making the cakes. With Hibiki's words, Kanade got back the energy to continue. On the day of the party, the Lucky Spoon's interior was decorated, and Kanade completed a cupcake tower for the celebration.

Siren and Ouji

Ouji, unaware of the party, was heading to the Lucky Spoon when Siren hypnotizes him. When the girls spot him up ahead they rush to the scene when Siren spots a musical note residing on the Lucky Spoon in Hummy's hand and turns it into a Negatone.

Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure, but despite attempts to fight, the once-Lucky Spoon now possessed unlucky power as a Negatone, causing the Cures to keep tripping over stones. However, once Melody and Rhythm managed to get their act together, they defeated the Negatone using final attacks with their Belltiers.

Kanade sees a picture of Ouji's cat

Back at the Lucky Spoon, Ouji's birthday party celebration was already underway. Kanade planned to present her cupcake tower to Ouji as a gift, but Souta had unknowingly passed out most of the cupcakes to the guests. Kanade was shocked, but did not get angry since Souta was trying to help out.

When Kanade went to congratulate Ouji, she overheard Ouji talking about his pet dog, named Princess. Ouji told Kanade that the best present for him was seeing her cupcakes bring smiles to everyone, which makes her very happy.


  • "Meromero" in the episode title means "falling in love" in Japanese.


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