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Zudodo~n! Mephisto is Finally Here-nya (ズドド~ン!メフィストがやって来ちゃったニャ! Zudodo~n! Mefisuto ga Yatte Kichatta nya!?) is the 34th episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 375th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Mephisto arrives in the human world, Hibiki and the others try to figure out what Muse's motives are.


Dodory talks to Cure Muse

One late evening, Cure Muse observes the waves at the beach. She talks to Dodory and expresses her worry in silence.

Meanwhile, Mephisto discusses how the Trio failed him and he disposes of them, deciding to just go to the human world on his own.

At Lucky Spoon the girls eat cupcakes when Elllen suddenly says, "I have something to protect" and considers the meaning of such words. She isn't the only one however, when the Crescendo Tone intervenes to throw in its opinion.

Ako saves a kitten as the girls walk by

A bit later the girls find Souta on a row of stilts in an attempt to get a kitten out of a tree. Ako easily saves it however, and the girls are happy to know how friendly she is despite her stoic and cool attitude. They take her actions into consideration in regards to protecting something.

Mephisto arrives with Negatone instruments, deciding to use them as a live band on the streets in hopes of making everyone feel sad. But suddenly he runs into Pretty Cure, and quickly the girls change into Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm, and Cure Beat.

The girls rush towards the Negatone but Mephisto intervenes to cause problems, and when he makes it attack Muse suddenly appears again. She doesn't bother to fight back, only dodging its quick attacks. Frustrated, Mephisto begins to chastise Muse in hopes of provoking her, but the girls quickly refuse to let him win and defeat the Negatone.

Cure Muse protects Mephisto

They summon the Crescendo Tone and ride on its suddenly larger form at Mephisto. But to their alarm, Muse suddenly jumps before him and takes the attack. With that, the Crescendo Tone returns to the Healing Chest.

When the girls happen to spot Aphrodite watching them they are surprised to see her. In this time, Mephisto attracts every Fairy Tone he can and steals them before he disappears. Muse, shocked at her own reaction flees wordlessly, leaving the girls feeling confused and worried.

Major Events

  • Mephisto decides to take over note collecting from Trio the Minor to speed up the completion of the Melody of Sorrow
  • The Cures nearly destroy Mephisto with Suite Session Ensemble but are stopped by Cure Muse, who protects him stopping the attack.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


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