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JyakIn! Finally, Muse Takes Off Her Mask-nya! (ジャキーン!遂にミューズが仮面をとったニャ! Jyakīn! Tsui ni Myūzu ga Kamen wo Totta nya!?) is the 35th episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 376th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Not satisfied with his collection of notes, Mephisto works on gaining more while Muse comes to a very important decision that results in the birth of a new Cure.


The Cures recall Muse defending Mephisto before they could attack him. In this time he stole the Notes and fled, however, they refuse to think Muse is a bad person and Ellen suggests that something is definitely wrong.

Suddenly, Mephisto appears again and creates a Negatone that will lure more Notes to him. The girls transform into Pretty Cure and run off to rid of the Negatone.

Meanwhile, Muse is extremely troubled over what happened. She knows that siding with Mephisto would only cause pain and a great tragedy will occur. She knows what he is doing is wrong but cannot bring herself to exactly refuse considering the idea to join him.

Cure Muse reaches out to Mephisto

As the Cures fight, they suddenly realize that Mephisto was wearing the same type of headphones that controlled Ellen before and that Muse was defending Mephisto for the sake of defending someone who may have been an innocent victim in a greater scheme.

As Muse attempts to think of things, she momentarily discusses over the events with Otokichi before realizing that instead of fighting against Mephisto, she should be protecting everyone and fighting evil actually means fighting for Mephisto's own happiness. It is revealed afterward that she is the daughter of Mephisto, and removes her mask, revealing herself as a different Cure Muse, along with her identity revealed as Ako.

Major Events

  • The Cures realize that the earplugs containing the Noise of Evil brainwash its victims; likewise that Mephisto is just as much a victim to them as Siren/Ellen was under their control.
  • The true identity of Cure Muse is revealed as Ako, likewise revealing her as the daughter of Mephisto.


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