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Vo~n♪ We Won't Let Noise Have His Way-nya! (ブォ~ン♪ノイズの好きにはさせないニャ! Vo~n♪ Noizu no Suki ni wa Sasenai nya!?) is the 45th episode of the season Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 386th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures struggle to fight against Noise in Major Land and a battle to see who Seals who first goes underway.


The girls find out that nothing has changed since defeating the Negatone. Everyone remains as still as statues and they change out of Cure form. There is no music to return the people to the way they were, and they are unable to hear anything other than themselves. With this in mind, they head into Minor Land.

Major Land being attacked by Noise

As this is going on, Aphrodite worries over Mephisto and has him stay next to her. All they can do is watch as Noise invades Minor Land and scare everyone, turning them to stones, along with the tower where Aphrodite remains. She hasn't changed, however, and Noise finds himself growing tired. He finds Aphrodite and tries to destroy the location, but she uses her harp to fight against him until the Cures arrive; surprising both Noise and Falsetto.

As the girls arrive with the Healing Chest and Otokichi, Noise comments on this. Crescendo Tone explains to the girls that a long time ago, Otokichi was a young fighter who sealed her within the Healing Chest, deep in the forest to keep Noise from getting her. Mephisto had been angry and traveled into the forest, which allowed Noise to control him.

Cure Muse punches Noise

Angered again, Muse attempts to attack him but this does nothing. Noise kicks her back, which angers Beat but with the same result. She attempts to speak to Falsetto but as he is being controlled by Noise, her desperate pleas go unanswered. Muse gets kicked aside- just when he is shown to waver for a second. 

Noise and Otokichi

The Cures are tired of fighting but they know they have no choice. They try to use Music Rondo but it had no effect on Noise- leaving them in a bad situation. As he attempts to kill the Cures, Otokichi arrives with a giant rock. The girls attempt to use Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo with his aid, knowing what he wanted them to do; but Noise quickly grabs Otokichi to put a stop to their plan.

Seeing her grandfather in such pain as he is sucked into a void, Muse watches as Noise sucks Otokichi within it in an attempt to seal him. Otokichi knows he will be dying, and seeing this causes everyone to get angry as Muse falls back while trying to reach him.

Otokichi is sealed by Noise

Noise grabs the Healing Chest but the girls are able to gain their powers back, allowing them to perform Passionato Harmony. With their powers restored the girls attempt to fight Noise when he summons black energy and throws it at them. They refuse to quit and gather energy and power until the black energy formed by him explodes into nothing.

Noise falls until he sees the Crescendo Tone, and he traps her, sealing her the same way as he did Otokichi to leave the cures without weapons, power, and hope.

Major Events

  • Noise reveals himself more powerful than when Otokichi defeated it due to the notes from the Legendary Score.
  • Otokichi and Crescendo Tone are sealed by Noise's powers.


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