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Zugoon! The Pretty Cures' Last Battle-nya! (ズゴーン!プリキュア最後の戦いニャ! Zugōn! Purikyua Saigo no Tatakai nya!?) is the 46th episode of the season Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 387th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Otokichi and Crescendo Tone gone, hope seems lost for the Cures and citizens of Major Land.


Despair surrounds everything, with no sound remaining and several citizens turned to stone. The Cures are alone with no weapons, but Noise is also in poor shape. Falsetto tries to find him and encourage him to keep going, but in his attempt to get him to feel better, Noise grows annoyed with him and sucks Falsetto within himself to gain more strength. He then decides that he must turn the Cures into stone like the Crescendo Tone and Otokichi.

The Cures talk to Aphrodite

In Major Land, Aphrodite continues to fret, seeing that Mephisto is injured and more than half of the people of her home have become stone. The Cures returned to save those remaining, along with Aphrodite as they attempt to come up with a quick plan on how to defeat Noise. Despaired, Hibiki momentarily suffers a stressful breakdown and starts to sing - unsure of what else to do. Her friends are surprised until she tells them that all they need to do is smile. Aphrodite agrees as the Fairy Tones arrive and promise to keep going and work hard for Crescendo Tone's sake.

As they speak, Noise damages the concert hall and demands that they show up. Before the Cures meet up with him, Hummy decides to go with them. Quickly a fight breaks out, with the girls kicking at Noise and Muse throwing wall

Noise hit by Pretty Cure's attacks

debris at him. When Noise attempts to hit her, the Cures group together to kick him, sending him down. Then they pair up, with Melody and Rhythm using Miracle Heart Arpeggio and Fantastic Piacere.

Then, Cure Beat uses her Love Guitar Rod to use Beat Sonic, followed by Cure Muse using Sparkling Shower. Hoping this is enough, the girls are alarmed when Noise dodges the attacks.

Now worn out and tired, the girls refuse to give up. Noise tells the girls that nothing will be the same and how pointless this is, telling them that the Legendary Score was the whole point of the music. If the notes would make the Melody of Sorrow then it would have been changed into the Melody of Happiness, and likewise. He attacks again and attempts to change Melody into stone when out of nowhere, Bassdrum and Baritone appear. They protect Hi

Bassdrum and Baritone save Cure Melody

biki from the attack and the girls are happy to see that they are okay. Baritone and Bassdrum demand to know why Noise absorbed Falsetto like he did, and upon learning this, the girls are shocked and angered to know that he did something to someone working with him. He simply states that Falsetto is annoying, which upsets Baritone and Bassdrum. They attempt to attack him, but he doesn't really care and shoots at them. He returns to the Cures until the duo get in the way to protect the Cures - but in this time, Noise absorbs them and changes into another powerful form. To

Noise in his final form

the groups surprise, he turns into a human-like form but is even stronger than before.

With everyone angered and in worse moods, the fight resumes. The Cures use Music Rondo Super Quartet. But to their surprise, this did nothing to Noise. He forms a giant ball of negative energy and throws it at the girls, but they fly out of the way.

Realizing she has no choice, Aphrodite feels bad over not doing anything to

The Cures still have hope

help them. So she plays music in hopes of keeping everyone's faith and provide the girls with further strength. Noise grows further angry and he resumes turning people to stone; but despite this they continue to play music until he eventually freezes the entire city.

The girls are saddened when they no longer hear any music and realize they are without any more hope. But just then, the Fairy Tones resume making music and the girls are surprised. They enjoy the sounds of it and Hummy arrives with the Legendary Score and shows it to them, saying that they can make a whole new song. Happily, Hibiki then tells everyone that they still have hope.

Major Events

  • Noise absorbs Falsetto, and later Bassdrum and Baritone, to become a more powerful, humanoid form and heal from his previous wounds.
  • Noise completes turning all of Major Land, including Aphrodite and Mephisto, into stone.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The first announcement for Smile Pretty Cure! was in the end of the episodes telling people that it was going to air on February 5th, 2012.
  • The first ending card appears with the Smile Cures but not the Smile leader.


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