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Melting Hearts! The Concert of Planet Aisuno☆ (ココロ溶かす!アイスノー星の演奏会☆ Kokoro Tokasu! Aisunō Sei no Ensōkai☆?) is the 24th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 757th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Aisuno is a planet blanketed in snow and ice. To get their hands on the Princess Star Color Pen, the girls put on a concert in the ice pillar room.


Madoka sits down to play the piano, but after a moment she finds herself not feeling it.

The girls blast off into space and Hikaru complains over the warm heat lately. She brought a shaved ice machine as their fridge at home is broke, but it turns out the fridge on the rocket is malfunctioning too. Fuwa is very curious about shaved ice, and after Hikaru explains what it is, Elena mentions that they have it a lot at her place- after homework is done. Hikaru fears she won't be able to have any until August is over at this rate.

They go on to notice how quiet Madoka has been, and she brings up her concerns over piano as of late. They reason she's very busy, so she just doesn't have the time, but she thinks back to a recital she recently had. She won but felt no real emotion from doing it, while the girl who performed after her had so much joy, but she didn't even place, and she still seemed happy. She couldn't understand why that was. Madoka asks Yuni for advice on how Mao manages to captivate her audience, but she isn't sure how to answer. Just then, the pendant begins to react and senses the Aquarius Pen, and Fuwa pulls the rocket to a new planet known as Aisuno. There, Hikaru is delighted to see the large piles of ice and snow surrounding them- but Elena reminds her that they aren't there to eat. It's then one of its inhabitants appears, and he introduces himself as Yukio after insisting he isn't a snowman. He's a celeb around this planet, but his ability to swap noses fails to amuse the girls. He takes out one last nose, which turns out to be the pen they were looking for. Yukio explains that he found it while digging through the snow recently. He refuses to hand it over when they explain having come for it though, and he gets distracted by an ice woman named Irma.

He introduces her to the girls and compliments Irma, and he tries his nose joke on her- which actually gets a response from Hikaru and Fuwa. Irma greets the girls and takes off after failing to laugh at his joke. Although she won't laugh, he really wants to make her smile- but this seems impossible. They're surrounded by ice and snow, and not much else. However, the girls try to convince Yukio that there is a lot of fun to be held. They use Hikaru's shaved ice machine to make some for everyone, then they use the snow and ice to slide and skate. They even have a snowball fight. Yukio slowly begins to enjoy himself, and Hikaru shows him the beautiful sound icicles can make when tapped. Yukio is encouraged and he wonders if Iruma would like it, so he offers to hand over the Aquarius Pen if she laughs. He runs off to tell her but Yuni isn't convinced this will work, and she asks the others what they will do then. Nobody seems to have an answer.

Yukio convinces Irma to come see their icicle concert, and they choose Madoka, reasoning that as a pianist she will probably play them well. She plays a song very well, but in her determination to get it perfect, everyone begins to stop enjoying it. This causes her to recall that everyone wasn't having fun during her recital and she begins to worry. It's then Yuni begins to sing, encouraging Madoka to play alongside her. Madoka resumes tapping the icicles and this slowly causes everyone to begin clapping to the song. Seeing them enjoying this, Madoka begins to realize that what she was missing was the element of fun. In the process of enjoying himself, Yukio suddenly slips and his nose pops off. Irma is startled, but she finds it amusing and quickly covers her face before running away. Madoka worries that she didn't do good enough and everyone runs after them, only to run into Tenjo. Irma goes into hiding, worried that Yukio hates her, but this causes Tenjo to discover her and transform her into a Nottorei.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure and the battle ensues, with Milky using Milky Shot and Soleil using Soleil Shoot with the Libra pen to rid of their pesky foes as Star runs up to Irma. Yukio tries to convince her to awaken but he gets blasted by the large snowballs, forcing the girls to protect him. Yukio expresses sadness in being unable to make her smile, and he offers Selene the Aquarius Pen, allowing her to combine it with Selene Arrow. She then tosses it towards Cosmo and she uses it for Rainbow Splash, purifying Irma.

Tenjo storms off and the girls add their new Pen to Fuwa to restore another Princess. She thanks them and mentions that only two remain. The girls return and change back to normal, and Irma awakens in good spirits. She laughs uncontrollably, and reveals to Yukio that she thinks of him as very cute- but the reason why she doesn't laugh is because once she starts, she can't stop. She didn't want to be seen as rude, but Yukio tells her not to hold back anymore. He loves to see her enjoying herself like this.

The girls board the rocket and make their way home. Madoka plans to resume playing the piano right away, and Hikaru is bummed over being reminded of her homework.   


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 24~
(July 21-27, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"It's important for you to never give up" "Riceballs with every power"


"A cute heart shows the power of happiness" "Pajamas that are sleepy"


"Might you make your money go UP!?" "Toothpaste with an impression going UP"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第24話予告 「ココロ溶かす!アイスノー星の演奏会☆」

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