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The Mysterious Invader!? The Dreaded Pajama Party☆ (ナゾの侵入者!?恐怖のパジャマパーティ☆ Nazo no Shinnyūsha!? Kyōfu no Pajama Pāti☆?) is the 26th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 759th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Upon hearing from Lala's brother, the girls left to go to Saman. As the girls enjoy the pyjama party, suspicious shadows suddenly emerge...?


Having received a transmission from Lala's brother reporting a Princesses power, the girls return to the rocket to discuss their plans. Lala insists that she go alone, because it could take some time, but the others refuse; unaware of her obvious discomfort. Abraham agrees to lend them a hand in asking their parents -after he meets Yuni- and they return a while later with enough items to tide them over during their trip. Hikaru and Fuwa are very sleepy because they were too excited the night before, earning them many teasings. Elena arrives and they board the rocket, and after blasting off into space, the Star Pendant begins to react.

The group deduce the Princess Pen must be on Saman, but when Fuwa yawns, transporting them onto a Fluffoid, the girls realize that they are pretty far away from their destination. Because Hikaru is also very tired and both of them need rest, they decide to turn this into a Pajama Party in the mean time.  

The girls sit down to watch a movie that Hikaru helps will demonstrate what a pajama party is to them; although the movie accidentally startles Elena. Madoka takes the movie quiet seriously though, and enjoys herself with Hikaru, while Lala complains over how cheap and simple it is, and Yuni has fell asleep already. While the girls are watching the movie, they fail to notice a mysterious shadow, which has stolen all of Prunce's donuts.

Yuni awakens just as the move ends and, and the girls decide to chat to avoid making too much noise. Hikaru mentions that before now, she's never had a pajama party before. The other girls agree and they bond over how easygoing the mood is, recalling their discussions with their parents before coming back to the rocket. Madoka mentions that her father remained stoic, but he gave permission because he felt this would be a good experience for her. Elena's parents were excited for her and altered their schedule, and she began to feel guilt for leaving her hectic home behind. Lala is impressed, and this causes Hikaru to recall not knowing about her brother until now. Lala becomes uncomfortable as she explains that Lolo is her twin. Her parents are well-liked on Saman, and he is very responsible; but she feels like she is very different. The girls disagree, and they go on to apologize to Yuni for discussing families, given her situation. She assures them that its fine, but she is surprised to see how open they can be with each other like this.

Hikaru realizes she has a point, recalling how being alone never bothered her before. She always had fun going out to learn about constellations and the like, but since meeting Lala she learned that its okay to be alone, but being with friends is much more fun. She wants to explore more things with them, and the others agree. Just then, it dons on them that someone is there when they hear someone cry. They observe the hermit crab -Yanyan- as she explains having boarded their rocket after they landed on the fluffoid. Prunce also deduces she ate his donuts, and she compliments them for being so yummy.

Just then, their rocket gets attacked by Kappard and they are forced to make a rough landing on another planet. Kappard appears and he uses his power to steal Yanyan's energy and transform his staff. The girls transform into Pretty Cure but they struggle to control their movements, given the lack of gravity in space. However, Star protects Milky and tells her that by covering up for each others weakenesses, they can overcome the difficulty. The girls work together to use their abilities to defeat their enemies while Star fights against Kappard. She tells him that by having this Pajama Party, they were able to learn about each other and can communicate much better. She takes out the Tauras Pen and hands it over to Cosmo, who uses Rainbow Splash to purify the weapon and return Yanyan to normal. Kappard complains and makes a hasty retreat, and the girls return to normal to see how damaged their rocket is.

To their concern, they can't leave yet. It's too damaged for now, and with Fuwa still asleep they can't teleport. Yanyan offers to bring them back to her place so that they can fix the rocket, and they realize Prunce can be of help, using his morphing abilities to help the rocket travel to their new destination.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The opening was updated to change Blue Cat to Yuni/Cure Cosmo.
  • Cure Cosmo performs the Taurus version of Rainbow Splash.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 26~
(August 4-10, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You can overcome any challenge" "Chocolate that gives courage"


"When you have a chance to move closer to your goal" "Riceballs to motivate you"


"You'll feel excited when you go outside" "Vegetables to make you healthy"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第26話予告 「ナゾの侵入者!?恐怖のパジャマパーティ☆」

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