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The Ocean Planet! Swim Your Way To Becoming A Mermaid☆ (海の星!人魚になってスーイスイ☆ Umi no Hoshi! Ningyo ni Natte Sūisui☆?) is the 27th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 760th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In order to repair the rocket, the girls stop by at Planet Pururun. To get to the heart of the planet, the girls decide to become mermaids.


As the rocket floats by Popstar, the girls note Fuwa is still asleep. Yanyan mentions that her home is nearby and the girls stare at the beautiful spherical planet before them. Hikaru to look at the planet from the telescope and Yanyan mentions that the planet is surrounded by water, and it has small air pockets in it similiar to islands. The girls are very impressed as their rocket breaks through the watery surface. Prunce keeps showing off to help Yanyan as Hikaru takes notes and Lala observes the damage done to the ship one again. Spotting the unique creatures swimming around them, Hikaru really wants to go for a swim. The girls point out the difficulty in this however, because they are humans and couldn't last very long outside. Hikaru wishes they could transform like Yuni, but she informs her that her transformations are superficial, they don't change anything on the inside. So she can't breath better by transforming into a sea creature.

Yanyan reveals a special pearl said to let one transform into whatever they want, just once. She puts it on and within moments, Hikaru transforms into a mermaid. The others admire it and compliment her smart plan, so they each put on one of the pearls and transform into mermaids to join her outside, including Yanyan. The girls are very surprised to see that they can breath and talk just fine, and Yanyan gives one to Prunce so that he can join them; but he becomes a large jellyfish, rather then a mermaid. Fuwa is awake but there aren't any more of those pearls, so she can't join them. Until Hikaru recalls one of the Princess Pen's they have, and she uses it to make a bubble for Fuwa to float in. With that, the girls head out to swim and observe the amazing sea life surrounding them. Hikaru pulls Yuni along to lead her through some nearby star and circle shapes, and she asks her if she is having fun. But before she can answer, the group spot the amazing stars above them.

It's then large, rushing rapids of water flow at the girls, forcing them to flee for the rocket after they realize their pearls are beginning to expire. This means they must hurry and get to the Rocket, which they aren't able to do because the current is pulling Prunce away. They push together to break through the barrier of one of the nearby island and their pearls blacken as they return to normal. They make it to the shore just as Aiwarn appears, trying to blast them with more water. She reveals that she used their Pen's to track them down. The girls transform into Pretty Cure to do battle, but Aiwarn angrily points out that she's seeking revenge against Cosmo, who she blames for causing her to be dropped by the Notraiders. Aiwarn takes out all of the gathered dark energy and transforms her ship into a mech to fight them off. Milky comes to Cosmo's side to defend her from an attack, and she tells her off for what she did to Planet Rainbow. Not only that, but the group she was a part of also caused the Princesses to be scattered. Aiwarn could care less though, stating that Cosmo's betrayel wasn't any better then what she did, words that cause her discomfort.

Her mech is able to effortlessly pummel the girls, but Star manages to land a hit. When Cosmo attempts to attack her, she gets distracted by what she said again, and Aiwarn grabs her, tossing her roughly into the sand. She tells her off for constantly changing and deceiving others, but Star argues against this. She holds up the pearl from earlier and states that it can be fun to change; but regardless of her form, who she is doesn't change. She still wants to protect Planet Rainbow, and she knows who she is. With her fighting spirit restored, the girls resume their brawl with Aiwarn's mech and they manage to fight it off. Star tosses the Taurus pen to Cosmo after she uses it, and she uses the Rainbow Perfume to send Aiwarn packing.

Seeing her concern for Aiwarn, Fuwa embraces Yuni and they return to normal before boaring the rocket. Yanyan points out the sparkling sphere before them, the heart of the planet, and they blast forward to their destination.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Aiwarn returns to attack the Cures, but mainly to get revenge on Cure Cosmo.


  • In the scene where the Cures land on top of Prunce, Madoka is seen wearing long sleeves instead of short ones.
  • As a mermaid, Elena's hairstyle looks similar to Yuni's.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 27~
(August 11-17, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"When you have a strong feeling to not give up" "Lip balm to make you sparkle"


"Your dreams will increase in a week" "A telescope containing a dream"
"Sky Blue"


"Seems like you'll be able to have fun" "A pen to concentrate with"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第27話予告 「海の星!人魚になってスーイスイ☆」

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