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I'm Home~lun☆ The Melancholy in Planet Saman (ただいまルン☆惑星サマーンのユウウツ Tadaima-run ☆ Wakusei Samān no Yūutsu?) is the 29th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 762nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hikaru and the others have finally arrived on Planet Saman, where they meet Lala's parents and twin brother, Lolo. However, Lala appears to be feeling down...


The rocket continues forward to Planet Saman. As the girls admire its pretty appearance, they fail to see Lala's distress. Lala points out the efficiency of her home planet, with everyone sharing one large living complex. They come to a landing and Lala's boss, Kuku, appears. He knew she woul be coming and he was concerned because she's not sent him any reports. Hikaru is in awe of everything, and she nearly blabs to Kuku that they are Earthlings- until Prunce silences her. Earth isn't part of the Starscape Alliance. Kuku demands an answer though, leading her AI to give one; the girls are aliens Lala was to return to their home planets, so she brought them along. Kuku decides to buy this given how trusted AI are around here, which leads Lala to tell Hikaru about Mother AI. One foundational system for the entire planet, along with Personal AI, like what she has. Kuku then tells Lala that Lolo's upoming award cremony will be taking place, forcing the girls along.

Lala shows the girls how she enters building, and her AI helps speak to Mother AI for data sharing and to let the girls in. Lala explains how updating the AI functions around here during their trip inside, and when they reach the ceremony room, Lala and Prunce introduce the girls to the top of the Starscape Alliance, Representative Toppa. He is very important and serves for many of the planets within the alliance. The man has an intimidating expression, but it becomes much softer when he spots Prunce, who he confesses to having been worried for since the attack at the Star Palace. It's then Lolo arrives, along with her parents, and Lala seems concerned again. The ceremony begins and the girls note the lonely atmosphere, but Lala brings up efficiency again and how it was being broadcast around Saman.

Afterwards, she formally introduces the girls to her family; her father works in an AI lab and her mom is a rocket engineer, their jobs were chosen by Mother AI based on their various traits. They go on to explain how Lolo is a rank 1 investigator, while Lala is the lowest at rank 8. It's his job to help out the lower ranks. Lala is clearly unhappy over this, and she doesn't do much talking, allowing Yuni to bring up the Princess Pen. Lolo reveals that Mother AI is studying it right now, as they aren't familiar with its powers yet. The girls compliment this system, leading Lolo to bring up how well AI helps them out. To demonstrate he has an AI scan Hikaru, and it deduces that she's been losing salt due to sweating from excitement, so he asks it to make her a gummy that will help with this. The gummy comes out and Lala's family explain that as both a meal and dessert, everyone on the planet only eats these.

The AI produces a gummy for each girl, and they are surprised by how well it tastes. It's then Lala's family appears to be picking on her a little bit, bringing up how she should learn better AI control and wishing she would at least learn to ride a hoverboard; but it appears to come from concern for her, as they believe by learning she could get better control over her motion sickness. Lolo also brings up her strong legs and how she's been chosen by the AI to sort through debris, or garbage. So she should just let them handle harder work- besides, he's discovered something else too. There has been many sightings of the legendary Pretty Cure as of late, and they found out that some of the Star Princess have been returned because of them gathering the Pens too. They want to track them down to ask that they join the Alliance.

Lala takes the girls deeper into the building to show them a flowery field, then with some AI and holograms help the room transforms to resemble the landscape of another planet. Lala explains how on Saman, some of its residents get by without ever leaving the building. They still lead a fulfilling and happy life. She goes on to ask for a new planet's scenery, and while the girls begin to explore and play, Madoka approaches her to chat, having been aware that something was bothering her. Lala expresses her concerns over telling everyone about them being Pretty Cure. She would like to, as it may finally earn some respect from her family, and she is an adult so she has to be honest with them, but she doesn't want to make everyone's life difficult. Madoka can relate, and she brings up how she had the same troubling thoughts regarding her dad. She decided it was better not to say anything for now, and its because of Hikaru who taught her to trust her true feelings rather than going by emotions or what others expect. She asks Lala what she is truly feeling.

Just then, something shakes aparts the hologram and AI system. The girls head to the designated sector where trouble has arisen and they exit to find a large Nottorei bursting out that Tenjo summoned from Kuku. The girls waste no time transforming into Pretty Cure to fight it off. The girls initially struggle to land a hit because they can't get close to it, but Milky keeps fighting regardless of how much stronger it is, desperate to get back the Princess Pen the Nottorei has in its posession. She refuses to give up on the grounds that Lolo found the pen, and her family is very happy, so regardless of what happens she wants to protect it. Her passion allows Milky to summon a larger burst of power that shoves the Nottorei back. The Pen gets knocked loose and she grabs it, landing roughly and giving Cosmo a chance to purify it with the Sagittarius Pen.

Tenjo promises revenge and takes off, and the girls return to normal while waiting for Kuku. He awakens and is very confused, but seeing Lala holding the Pen and the building destroyed causes him much stress and he demands answers. The AI system displays what happened, but because its been damanaged the full video is unable to play. He commands Mother AI to arrest Lala and the girls, forcing them to run away.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The Cures arrive on Saman for the first time.
  • Lala's entire family appears for the first time, with her mother, Kaka, and father, Toto, being introduced, and her brother Lolo making his first full appearance.
  • Cure Cosmo performs the Sagittarius version of Rainbow Splash.
  • Because of a misunderstanding, the Cures are accused of stealing a Princess Star Color Pen.


  • The episode introduction stock footage is used twice in this episode when Hikaru tries to introduce herself to Kuku and Toppa when she thought both of them were Lolo.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 29~
(August 25-31, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"It looks like you can exercise really quickly!" "A gum to calm your body down"


"When you'll be able to try your best" "Fermented soy beans to make one stronger"


"You can expand your motivation with everyone" "A jam to make you feel happy"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第29話予告 「ただいまルン☆惑星サマーンのユウウツ」

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