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Lala's Thoughts And The AI's Feelings☆ (ララの思いとAIのキモチ☆ Rara no Omoi to AI no Kimochi☆?) is the 30th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 763rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hikaru and the others are on the run after being accused of stealing the Princess Star Color Pen. Furthermore, Aiwarn has hijacked Saman's Mother AI...


The entire planet of Saman is after Lala and the girls, with the exception of Lala's family, who are in disbelief over the news. Nearby, Tenjo is overlooking the area with her Nottorei when Aiwarn shows up and suggests they work together. They have a Pen still for use, and more than anything she just wants an excuse to beat up Cure Cosmo.

Lala doesn't believe the group can last very long, and she points out the AI can sense heat. But before the cameras can reveal their location, her Personal AI comes to their rescue by jamming the signal between them and Mother.

At headquarters everyone is trying to locate Lala's group. Kuku can hardly believe that one of an AI -an extension of Mother- would betray them like this. Lala's family run inside and ask Kuku to let them help, since they still believe this is a missunderstanding. They use the AI to make a broadcast around Saman pleading with her to give herself up so that everything can be resolved. Lala begins to consider it as the girls stop, but she's still very concerned over revealing their identities as Pretty Cure. The girls reason that her family is very worried though, and if they do this, then the Alliance should be willing to listen and will take them in. She doesn't want to inconvience anyone, but Hikaru assures her that it will be fine. If she decides to do it then they will support her.

Just then, the AI goes haywire and the guards who were approaching the girls were thrown off their hoverboards. The rockets around town are flying all over the place, and the AI system is faltering. Aiwarn reveals herself to be the cause, using a sphere she found to take over everything that uses AI. Lala worries for her family as the surrounding chaos sends everyone into a panic, and because of how dependant on AI they are, many of them struggle to get to safety or find help; mainly Lala's family and Kuku. However, because Lala isn't reliant on it she's capable of running and she quickly comes to her families rescue. They are convinced that they can't do anything without the AI, leading her to tell them of the amazing discoveries she's had since being on Earth with the others. She learned the power of imagination, and she's been going to school too.

Aiwarn and Tenjo confront the girls and Kuku recognizes her from the lab, leading them to realize that she is the true culprit and not Lala. Aiwarn grabs Cosmo, then the others to keep them from interfering. Lolo tries to convince Mother to stop this but its of no use, and because the girls can't transform right now it looks hopeless. Kuku goes on to remark that he shouldn't have put any faith into someone like Lala, a lowly rank 8. Hikaru and the others argue for their friend, only for Aiwarn and Tenjo interupt. They don't really care, they just want to fight. Several of the AI boards come for Yuni, but suddenly, their Rocket flies in the way to protect her. Everyone is shocked as it dons on them its her Personal AI, and its been fighting the signal Aiwarn used on the rest. She isn't phazed however, and she uses Mother to break through the rocket to directly try to take control of it. Her AI asks Lala to forgive her for not being more helpful, and everyone begins to weep as she recalls their memories together, and she slowly shuts down. Aiwarn commands Mother to reactivate Lala's rocket to attack the girls.

Lala cries out for her AI, and to everyone's shock, Mother breaks free from Aiwarn's control. Her personal AI finished exchanging data with Mother, and she was able to deduce that Lala is a friendly partner. The girls are freed and Lala decides that because her AI gave her all, she must do the same.

With Aiwarn defeated, Tenjo makes a remark before summoning her Nottorei to attack. They come together to form one larger Nottorei and the girls transform into Pretty Cure. Lala's family, Toppa and Kuku are very surprised upon discovering this. The girls don't hesitate to begin the battle, with Lala summoning the Gemini Pen to use Milky Shock, along with Star using Aries Star Punch, Soleil uses Scorpio Soleil Shoot, Selene uses Sagittarius Selene Arrow, and lastly, Cosmo uses her Rainbow Perfume for Cosmo Shining. These multiple blasts knock the Nottorei over and in this time, Lolo remarks on her growth since she left Saman. Lala declares her intentions of protecting Saman and everyone on it, causing the Cancer Princess Pen to break free and she uses Cancer Milky Shock. The girls then come together to gain the Twinkle Sticks to use their Southern Cross Shot. Aiwarn and Tenjo argue before storming off.

With everything returned to normal the girls give Lala time to speak with her family. They are very happy by the turn of events and she returns the Princess to the Star Palace. The Cancer Princess appears and she thanks the girls for their efforts. She points out that Pisces is the last Princess remaining and she gives them encouragement. The girls return with their rocket fully restored, and Lala starts up her Personal AI believing it will be rewritten. But to their delight, its still the same AI she's had since before. Her memories of them were too strong to be overwritten, and Lala is very happy. However, they decide that the girls should get a move on before the Alliance comes to look for them. Lolo tells Lala that he is very proud of her, and her parents are concerned, but they know she will be okay.

They watch as the Rocket takes off, and once the girls are heading back for Earth, Hikaru brings up how fun summer vacation was. They are unaware of Toppa following after them.


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 30~
(September 1-7, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll be able to become a lifetime student" "Inner wear with spirit inside"


"You can start learning" "Toothpaste that is refreshing"


"Why don't you try to dance?" "A pendant giving you courage"
"A pastel color"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第30話予告 「ララの想いとAIのキモチ☆」

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