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Protect It! The Final Princess Pen☆ (守り抜け!最後のプリンセスのペン☆ Mamorinuke! Saigo no Purinsesu no Pen☆?) is the 31st episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 764th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Despite being asked to be apart of the Starscape Association, Hikaru and the others decide to head back to Earth. However, Garuouga attacks Hikaru and Toppa when they were up in space...

Major Events

  • The Cures return to Earth after travelling to Saman.
  • Garuouga attacks the Cures for the first time.
  • Cure Star obtains the Pisces Princess Star Color Pen and uses Pisces Star Punch for the first time.
    • As a result, the Pisces Star Princess is revived.
  • With Pisces revived, all 12 Star Princesses have been saved.
  • Fuwa turns into her Unicorn form.



Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The episode‘s air date coincides with Elena’s birthday.
  • Only Star's individual transformation sequence was shown in this episode.
  • In the scene where Star draws the star to perform Pisces Star Punch, she is holding the Taurus Pen instead of the Pisces Pen.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 31~
(September 8-14, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number
STPC Fuwa - Taurus


"Looks like you can shine brilliantly" "A book to make your heart excited"
STPC Fuwa - Virgo


"When you can smile and cherish a loud voice" "A cake that is cheerful"
STPC Fuwa - Capricorn


"When you have a strong feeling to expand your dreams and hopes" "A hat to revamp your imagination"


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Episode Preview

スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第31話予告 「守り抜け!最後のプリンセスのペン☆」

スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第31話予告 「守り抜け!最後のプリンセスのペン☆」

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