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A Determined Fuwa! The Plan To Lend A Helping Hand☆ (フワの決意!お手伝い大作戦☆ Fuwa no Ketsui! Otetsudai Daisakusen☆?) is the 33rd episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 766th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Summer holidays are now over, which means it's back to being busy. In search of the "True Twinkle Imagination", Fuwa decides she'll try to help everyone with their tasks...


The girls are initially dismayed over their battle with the evil forces not yet resolved. But they realize that by continuing to help Fuwa grow they can find out what the 'Twinkle Imagination' they are in search of is.

The next morning, Fuwa wakes Hikaru up and attempts to show her the warping ability she can do now. Hikaru is flustered over the homework she's yet to finish and isn't able to stop her in time, but she happens to see Fuwa implant herself with her new horn into the ground. She gently chastises her before Fuwa comments that she is hungry, so with the Shiny Twinkle pen Hikaru draws a parfait for her. She attempts to feed Fuwa, but she reveals that she can do it herself. Fuwa has become very confident in her capabilities now, and she's sure that she can find the Twinkle Imagination now. This causes Hikaru to recall that she has school, so she hurriedly changes and reunites with Lala. Fuwa is very unhappy being stuck in the book while they do nothing but focus on school, so when she mentions that the AI and Prunce are trying to research what exactly the Twinkle Imagination is, she attempts to storm off to help them. The girls prevent her and request Fuwa to patiently wait until school is over.

There, the class is getting their summer research returned to them- with Hikaru having chosen to base hers on the friendly aliens they met this summer. Nobody believes they are real though. Their teacher goes on to warn everyone that they must finish their summer homework and turn it in soon. Lala and Hikaru head to their school library after school, where Lala reveals she finished everything but math, because AI made her a schedule to help her do so much each day. She's almost done with it though. Meanwhile, Hikaru hasn't finished anything because all of her efforts went into the alien guide, so she really needs to buckle down and work. Fuwa returns but to her disappointment, Hikaru pleadingly asks her to wait longer. It's then they see Madoka walk by with some other third-years and they note that she also looks busy. Hikaru recalls a discussion she recently had with her and Elena, and they mentioned that this is the time for them to decide on their future careers. This inspires Fuwa to lend them a hand, and she flies out of the room before the girls can stop her.

Madoka is helping to guide the other students in cleaning up the storage when Fuwa comes over to ask where a Santa costume goes. She responds before realizing its her, then she gets scolded by another girl for not being more serious. Madoka is forced to grab Fuwa and run outside, and Fuwa encourages her to go and look for the Twinkle Imagination with her as Lala and Hikaru locate them. Once again she gets a gentle scolding for getting in the way, but Madoka attempts to explain that she was only trying to help. Elena joins them and Fuwa goes to her for help- only for her to point out that she too is busy, because she'll be doing things around the house. Madoka returns to the council room while Elena takes off after apologizing to Fuwa, and the girls decide to return to the library to finish their work. Hikaru calls her self-centered when Fuwa attempts to argue, and she storms off to find Yuni.

Once again she lands in the ground near Yeti, and she informs him of her plans to locate the Twinkle Imagination. Even if she is on her own. She hovers high into the air and leaves with Yeti trailing behind her.

AI and Prunce are stumped. They did so much research but cannot find anything related to Twinkle Imagination. Yuni remarks on this as Fuwa joins them, and she grumpily informs them of the other girls being too busy to help her. Yuni informs her that its not that easy to look for it when they don't ave any leads to go by, then she asks if there could be a space wizard they could try to ask. This encourages Fuwa to search for Mr. Ryou, who is very surprised to see her since they last met. She is about to reveal why she came when Yeti leads Lala, Hikaru and Yuni to her, and in this time he gets to know Yuni while Lala hides Prunce and Hikaru scolds Fuwa for being so selfish when everyone has been busy working. Fuwa tells her off for not understanding her, and when she attempts to warp away, Yeti grabs onto her.

The girls attempt to track down Fuwa and in this time Kappard shows up to use Yeti as a means of attacking. Fuwa screams and this alerts the girls to her location, arriving in time to see her get blasted to the ground when she attempts to fight him. Fuwa feels terrible for what happened to Yeti and she sadly explains that she wanted to help them, while the girls gently explain to her that they wanted to help her out but they did have other things going on that needed their attention. Hikaru apologizes for not being more considerate, and the girls transform into Pretty Cure. As the others protect Fuwa, Cure Star does battle aboard Kappard's ship. But she stumbles and nearly falls off the edge, and with the others constantly being attacked there's nobody left to help her when he prepares to blast her with his new weapon point-blank. But suddenly, Fuwa rises to use her warping abilities and this time, she manages to distract him so that his attack misses Star, and together they use the Star Twinkle pen to gain their power-up forms and use Star Twinkle Imagination with the other girls. This purifies Yeti and returns him to normal and Kappard storms off.

Hikaru and Fuwa embrace Yeti, who licks her after she apologizes for what happened. The girls teasingly remark on how similar she is to Hikaru, and she offers to use her warping abilities to take her back to school so that she can get her homework finished. Hikaru attemps to stop her but its too late, and when she lands backside to the ground she angrily tells Fuwa that she is no longer allowed to warp.

Major Events

  • Fuwa is shown to have gained the ability to teleport.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures are seen in their summer school uniforms for the first and only time.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 33~
(September 22-28, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll have a strong feeling that you can enjoy fashions" "A blouse that is fashionable"


"You can make a wonderful piece of work" "A paint that fits with your eyes"


"You can GO play with your friends" "A coop making it fun"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第33話予告 「フワの決意!お手伝い大作戦☆」

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