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Connected Feelings☆ Elena and the Saboten Alien! (つながるキモチ☆えれなとサボテン星人! Tsunagaru Kimochi☆ Erena to Saboten Seijin!?) is the 34th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 767th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Saboro, who looks like a cactus, has come to Earth to inspect it. Elena decides to act as his guide and learns an interesting fact about him...?


The girls are informed that the Starscape Alliance wants to visit the planet Pretty Cure live on, and so they have sent an inspector to pay them a visit. They are expected to show them around in order to improve Earth's reputation. Lala assures Abraham that everything will be fine- only for Yuni to remind her that she too is an alien, like her. Everyone is excited, especially Elena, as her mother is an interpreter who does things like this fairly often.

The girls await the arrival of their guest -with Hikaru making a sign that they probably wont be able to read- and wonder what Saboro is like. When their guest finally shows up the girls are alarmed to find their ship has sprouted into the ground, like a giant flower. It blooms open to reveal someone, a cactus-like person wearing a sombrero-like hat and cape. It wiggles in an attempt to respond to the girls, and for some reason their pendants aren't helping them communicate with it. Even Prunce has trouble, leading the girls to realize that because its a spiky cactus, communication will be difficult. Saboro begins to dance again when the girls deduce this might be coding for something. Hikaru wonders if it wants to dance but this doesn't work. Somehow, Elena deduces that its asking for water, and she goes on to introduce herself to it. The girls lead Saboro to the water and she realizes he was thirsty, and she dips her feet into the water with it. Plants get their nutrients from sunshine and water, so it makes sense that this would be what it wanted. It also likes flowers, and she tells Saboro that she does too.

They take the cactus to various locations around town, starting with Ryu's observatory. The girls are happy to see that Elena is getting along so well with the visitor- but Yuni is suspicious and wonders if its really the alien they were waiting for. Just then, Elena gets an idea and leads him back to her families shop. She introduces her dad to their new friend and Yuni -who is caught off guard when he hugs her- and they quickly stop him from hugging Saboro so that he doesn't get hurt. Saboro admires some lovely roses and Elena offers him one, but suddenly he seems angry and he walks off. The girls rush back to the flower spaceship and Elena attempts to figure out what went wrong. She and Yuni deduce that it might have gotten upset to see Earthlings selling flowers. It refuses to come out, causing them to worry that their alliance could be at risk.

As evening falls Elena returns home in a depressed mood. Her mother is surprised by this and Elena expresses her respect for her mom's capabilities in helping everyone understand each other. Even with things like a language barrier, she manages to help them get along. Elena's mother joins her at the table while saying that even she has trouble sometimes. It's not very easy, but its important to remember to keep smiling and do ones best to try to understand the other person.

The following morning the girls arrive to Lala's ship, where she reveals that they have the wrong alien. The real inspector is slacking off somewhere else, so the inspection was called off. The alien they have was merely a visitor from Space. Despite this Elena reminds them that they still have a problem on their hands, and she doesn't want Saboro to leave without her apology. So the girls rush back to the flower ship, where Saboro is pulling his ship from the dirt and recalls the lonely, long time he's been trying to befriend other creatures. They were either afraid of him or they would chase him away, and it seems that this isn't the right place for him either. Just then, Tenjo appears and uses the Nottorei to transform him into a large monster.

The girls arrive and transform into Pretty Cure, where they find themselves overwhelmed by the large missile-like spikes it shoots out at them. Soleil tries to get Saboro to listen to her and stop but her words are unable to reach him. Tenjo tells her its no use because creatures from other planets could never understand each other, but Soleil refuses to give up. She admits that communication may not work, but without even trying it something she doesn't tolerate. She stands up and the girls come to her side, and Elena calls out to Saboro as it plans on smashing her with its flower pot foot. She gestures to him while saying that she wants to be his friend, which distracts him long enough to allow the girls to use Star Twinkle Imagination and purify him. Tenjo storms off and with Saboro back to normal, Elena expresses the importance of flowers on Earth. People give them to those they treasure as a means of conveying their feelings; she didn't realize it would bother him, because she just wanted to make him smile. She apologizes for being thoughtless, and to their surprise, Saboro pulls off his disguise and suddenly, his spiked arms are covered by light colored bushes and they gain flowers, and the closed flower on his head blooms open. He takes one of his flowers and gives it to Elena, and she wishes him luck in making many new friends as he takes off. 


Pretty Cure



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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 34~
(September 29-October 5, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll get excited once you play" "Shoes that are easy to walk in"


"Let's move forward with your courage" "Makeup tools that you can transform"
"A pastel color"


"You might meet a person you admired" "A smartphone that speaks well"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第34話予告 「つながるキモチ☆えれなとサボテン星人!」

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