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Hikaru Is The Student Council President!? The Twincool Election Battle☆ (ひかるが生徒会長!?キラやば選挙バトル☆ Hikaru ga Seito Kaichō!? Kirayaba Senkyo Batoru☆?) is the 35th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 768th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Madoka convinces Hikaru to take part in the student council president election. Her rival just so happens to be Sakurako. Who will end up as the next student council president!?


Madoka plans on resigning as Student Council President and she asks if anyone would like to elect themselves. Sakurako Himenojou desperately wants the position, but she doesn't want to make a bad impression so she decides not to say anything. The lack of response causes Madoka to worry, but when she arrives at Lala's ship to hear Hikaru's idea involving a multi-planet student exchange program, she suggests that she try out for the job. Hikaru is shocked by the sudden request, but she's unwilling to refuse after everyone else voices confidence in her.

Unfortunately its not that easy. When they go to school the next day Sakurako throws a fit. Hikaru doesn't know anything about student council so it wouldn't be right for someone like her to take the position, so she decides the only thing left for them to do is to have a proper election. Hikaru didn't think it would turn into such a big deal, but with her families vote of confidence she decides that she must do her best.

The next day she begins her campaign. She initially has great support but the crowd becomes weary with her spacy talking, which leads her to worry that she may have messed up. She overhears some girls discussing Madoka in passing, which inspires her to gather notes from various students regarding what about her they like. She figured that by doing the things Madoka did then she can be just as good as her, and support returns when she tries to garner attention, expressing her determination to use Madoka's methods and take them a step further to improve the school.

Meanwhile, Sakurako manages to botch things up the same way Hikaru did the prior day. She initially gets support by explaining the importance of sticking with tradition, but implement new rules to benefit the school; she'll even put in suggestion boxes and hold tea parties. But the students find her egotistical and strange attitude unbecoming. Hikaru attempts to act more like Madoka and continues to push herself to be more considerate towards the other students and give them her support.

In the hallway, Madoka overhears some girls chatting over how concerned Hikaru has been towards everyone as of late. She's trying really hard to be like Madoka, so they believe she deserves the position.

At home, Hikaru tiredly collapses onto the couch as her Grandma observes. She warns her not to overwork herself because then it would have been for nothing, but when Hikaru tells her that she can't slack off, she asks Hikaru if she really wants this job or not. Whenever she becomes absorbed by the things she likes, she stops caring about everything else around her; but she's so happy that it makes her happy to listen to her talk. But lately she's been using unhappy words when she speaks, so its been worrying her. This makes Hikaru wonder if it is truly something she wants.

Later, Hikaru is in a hurry with Lala to the school baseball game when Fuwa appears. She complains that Hikaru has been so busy that she hasn't been spending time with her. Hikaru apologizes and she hastily retreats when a classmate approaches to thank her for her efforts as of late. But when he mentions that he may pick Sakurako for the election, the girls are puzzled. He explains that her unusual behavior makes him curious in wanting to learn more about her, like why she would want tea parties and her own room at the school. She also stays behind late each day. Hikaru and Lala decide to return to school in order to see if inspiration strikes. Yuni overhears them from the roof as she chats with some felines.

Meanwhile, at Lala's ship Prunce expresses concern for Hikaru as he brings up her sudden obsession to be more like Madoka. She and Elena are troubled as Yuni joins them, with Madoka wishing that Hikaru would have run for Presidency in her own way. Yuni recalls seeing them, so they decide to locate her.

At school, Sakurako is taking notes around the area about various improvements- like how there should be some benches in certain spots, and the loose railing that could become a hazard. But along the way she overhears the girls from earlier remarking that she comes off as being an attention-seeker who isn't anything like Madoka. She trails behind them out of concern, accidentally dropping her notebook, which gets discovered by the girls as they arrive just then. Hikaru picks it up and they find many more notes about the school, things she never noticed before. The room she wants to make and hold tea would be for the sake of letting students talk and express their ideas. It would be fun, and the students should be able to freely speak. She is touched by these words, and it occurs to her that it belongs to Sakurako. But before they can find her, Kappard locates her first as she attempts to determine what she could be doing wrong. He steals away her imagination to transform his weapon, and after Hikaru realizes it belonged to her, the group transform into Pretty Cure to do battle.

The battle with the Nottorei begins with the girls using their attacks to rid of them, but Kappard sends a whirlwind of black flower petals at the girls that overwhelms them. Among the petals is one of Sakurako's posters, and when Star picks it up he informs her that Sakurako was in the process of tearing it down when he caught her. Her feelings are wonderfully twisted from anger aimed at her, but this doesn't deter Star. In fact, because she came to know a little about Sakurako, she wants to learn even more about her. She isn't her enemy like Kappard insists, she wants Sakurako to learn about her too so that they can understand each other. She's sure that this would lead to something amazing.

Star's sudden burst of imagination and feelings attracts the attention of the Star Princesses, which allows Star to break them free from the attack. With the Shiny Twinkle Pen, the girls change into their upgraded forms to Star Twinkle Imagination. However, they are Kappard are confused by how much stronger it appeared to be. He takes off and Sakurako awakens in the hallway, and while trying to catch her bearings she finishes adjusting Hikaru's poster. Hikaru returns with Lala to give her the notebook back. She aggressively takes it and storms off.

The following day an election assembly is held, but to everyone's surprise Hikaru decides to drop out. She explains that someone like Sakurako would be better suited, because not only can she stand up to the other students who misbehave, but she watches everything that goes on around the school and wants to improve it. She thinks everything would be really cool with her in charge. Madoka and Elena aren't surprised Hikaru would give Sakurako her support, but they are very happy by the turn of events now that she's back to normal.

In the council room Madoka prepares Sakurako for her new position as the President. The other members applaud her and Sakurako begins to cry. Madoka gives her support and later, when Sakurako leaves, Hikaru and Lala appear so that she can congratulate her. Sakurako remains humble, but Hikaru gives her further support by expressing that when she was running, she was only trying to be like Madoka- but she's been working hard this entire time, so she had no voice but to vote for her. Sakurako regains her confidence quite easily, and after addressing herself as the Venus of their school, Hikaru wonders what she would be, leading Sakurako to say she is its Galaxy. Hikaru is very happy about this, and they exchange smiles.

Major Events

  • Hikaru runs for student council president against Sakurako, but after learning about what the latter truly wants to do in school, she concedes defeat in the end.


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 35~
(October 6-12, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"I can transform into my new self" "Accessories that can be transformed into cute ones"


"I will be a perfect leader with everyone" "Popcorn that makes you good"


"I can spend a gentle feeling" "A toy that is soft"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第35話予告 「ひかるが生徒会長!?キラやば選挙バトル☆」

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