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Blue Cat Returns! The Rainbow-Colored Heart☆ (ブルーキャット再び!虹色のココロ☆ Burū Kyatto Futatabi! Nijiiro no Kokoro☆?) is the 36th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 769th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In order to take back the ring Don Octo had stolen from Yuni, the girls head to the Starry Sky Mafia Spaceship. Also there is the police detective, Mary Ann, who is on a look out for the phantom thief, Blue Cat!


The Cures are in the rocket, eating doughnuts and wondering the next move to make until A.I. informed them about a ring made from the resources of Planet Rainbow that's under the possession of Don Octo. Yuni, determined to get the ring back, turns back into her Blue Cat alter ego and suggests to steal it from the boss of the space mafia while he's hosting a party, but Hikaru is against the idea, exclaiming that stealing is bad. The two continue to argue until Yuni decides to do it alone when the rest of the Cures agree with Hikaru. Unwilling to let her go in by herself, the girls still offer Yuni their help. Around the same time, a police detective name Mary Ann has just been promoted by the Starry Sky Galaxy police force and is tasked in arresting Blue Cat.

The girls travel across the galaxy to locate the ship Don Octo's in and disguise themselves in order to get in. Mary Ann is also found at the party, disguised as a janitor. Yuni spots Don Octo and snatches the ring out of his tentacle, revealing her identity as Blue Cat before proceeding to run away. The guards give chase but Blue Cat managed to evade them all until she came across Mary Ann, who introduces herself and states that she's under arrest. Uninterested in her or the space police, Blue Cat ignores her and continues to flee from the guards that are on her tail. Mary Ann requests for help but the guard captures her because she sneaked into his ship just like Blue Cat did. Despite finding it bothersome, Blue Cat turns back to help her but ends up being captured as well. Tied up and locked away in a room, Mary Ann and Blue Cat began questioning each other about the moral of their actions until the rest of the Cures came to their aid.

While escaping, the Cures bump into Tenjo, who turned Don Octo into a Nottorei. The Cures transform and confront him, with Cosmo showing concern about the well-being of her team. Tenjo mocks her behavior, but the girls defended her, calling her a really nice person, which makes Cosmo blush. Mary Ann agrees with them and helps the Cures by shocking the Nottorei with her Zappy Beam, giving them the opening they need to use their Star Twinkle Imagination. After Don Octo turns back to normal, Yuni turns into her Rainbowian form and kindly asks him for her ring back. Seeing the ring glow in response to her feelings, Don Octo understands her and gives her the ring. Because Blue Cat is still accounted for many crimes in the past, Mary Ann suggests that she should partake in ten years of community service, which Yuni responds to by handcuffing the space detective and running away.

After escaping Mary Ann, the girls asks that if Yuni will continue stealing. Yuni states that she will but not if it means hurting them, making everyone smile. Meanwhile, Mary Ann wonders where she is, as her ship can be seen on the Earth's moon.

Major Events


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 36~
(October 13-19, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"I can start what I like" "A telescope that can spot the target"


"Find excitement in dance and sports" "Tapioca starch to attract one's attention"


"Get along with your friends" "A hair ornament that can shine wonderfully"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第36話予告 「ブルーキャット再び!虹色のココロ☆」

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