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Become Winners With UMA! The Halloween Costume Contest☆ (UMAで優勝!ハロウィン仮装コンテスト☆ UMA de Yūshō! Harōwin Kasō Kontesuto☆?) is the 37th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 770th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Everyone in Hikaru's class are participating in a costume contest! Even Kappard has paid a visit... how will the girls fight him without revealing their identities as the Pretty Cure!?

Major Events

  • Cure Cosmo performs the Cancer version of Rainbow Splash.
  • It is revealed how Kappard's planet was attacked and drained of all of its water.


In Mihoshi Middle School, Hikaru notices that Lala has been staring at a poster and asks what she is looking at. The poster is an ad about a costume contest held in Mihoshi Town during Halloween with the winner receiving a year's worth of doughnuts. The news excites Hikaru and the rest of the class and they all agree to participate, much to Lala's delight.

On Halloween, everyone gathers at the town's center, preparing for the holiday and the contest. Hikaru is dressed as a yeti while Lala is dressed as a tsuchinoko. Elena, Madoka, and Yuni have also arrived with the latter two wearing cat costumes and Yuni reverting into her humanoid form. Prunce uses his shape-shifting powers to take on the appearance of an odd-looking man. Meanwhile, Kappard sleeps in the lake near the town and decides to take a walk after waking up. As soon as he arrives in the town center, he had a brief vision of his home planet and attracted a crowd who mistook him for wearing a costume and took lots of pictures with him, much to his aggravation.

As Kappard escapes, he witnessed two people arguing, which reminded him of the conflict held back at his planet. The Cures spot him but he already started to attack the town, using the twisted imagination of the people arguing to power up his weapon. As the girls think of ways they can face Kappard without exposing their identities, Hikaru came up with an idea. Kappard continues to cause havoc until he is called out by the Cures, who are all wearing star-shaped sunglasses and call themselves the Mihoshi Stars. They confront the Nottorei and lured them away from the town, and the civilians cheer for them, unaware that it was merely an act.

The Cures continue to fight with Kappard and the Nottorei within the forest. Kappard reminisces on how pointless the event is, which Milky denies, mentioning that she entered the contest because she wanted to learn more about Earth. However, Kappard disagrees and states how impossible it is for different beings to understand or harmonize each other as it lead to the downfall of his planet. Cosmo then attacks using Rainbow Splash, prompting Kappard to retreat but not without warning Milky about being betrayed in the future.

The contest was finally held and the winner was Kappard, but he was absent, resulting in nobody collecting the ultimate prize. Despite this, Lala still expressed how fun the festival was and the class gathered to take a group photo.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 37~
(October 20-26, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll have a strong feeling that you can use anything neatly" "Mixed juice that becomes good friends with everyone"


"When you can be joyful" "Annin tofu that calms the heart"


"Looks like you can be a good manufacturer" "A colored pencil that makes you bright"
"Sky blue"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第37話予告 「UMAで優勝!ハロウィン仮装コンテスト☆」

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