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Elena In Big Trouble! Teacher Tenjo's Trap! (えれな大ピンチ!テンジョウ先生のワナ! Elena Dai Pinchi! Tenjō Sensei no Wana!?) is the 39th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 772nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tenjo disguises herself as a guest teacher for the subject, English. Without being told in advance, Elena is told to host the speech contest...


The girls get a call from the Star Princesses and they are transported to the planet where they reside. Cosmo managed to discover Twinkle Imagination- but she is not the only one. Each of them must locate their own lights that will lead to them unlocking it, and before sending them back, they suggest searching new planets they have yet to visit.

In school, Elena is informed during class that she has been chosen to represent Mihoshi for an upcoming English speech competition. She is surprised, but welcomes the challenge when everyone voices confidence in her abilities.

Elsewhere, Kappard approaches Tenjo to see what she is planning on doing to capture Fuwa. She recalls that the girls need to transform to fight, so if she could get to them in a way they wouldn't know to transform, then it should be easy. She plans on using a Morphpearl she aquired, and she uses it to transform into a Teacher. She confidently assures the Principal that they will win, and she goes out where an assembly was to be held and is introduced to the students as Ms. Jou Tengu. She speaks magnificent English and has been hired as a tutor. She manages to get the students to repeat "little pawns" after accidentally referring to them as such, but her excitable personality manages to win everyone over with ease. Except for Madoka, who is suspicious and feels as though she has met this woman before.

Tenjo observes the girls after she calls a break, and in the middle of plotting she gets approached by Elena, who kindly offers to shake her hands after she compliments her English. Ms. Jou uses this as a chance to get closer to her and asks for a tour, then she explains that the Principal asked her to coach Elena for the competition. Elena is relieved as she goes on to express her feelings towards it. She was thinking of writing about her family because of how special they are to her, and she asks Ms. Jou about her own homeland. This causes Tenjo to stop and think about her home, where she appears to have been a loner who observed the happy and lively residents surrounding her as they danced and enjoyed themselves. She snaps out of her thoughts when Elena takes notice, and quickly claims she is fine.

Elena is joined by Madoka, Lala and Hikaru and Ms. Jou allows her to leave, in order to spy on them as they find a private location and summon Fuwa so that she can eat. She attempts to sneak up on her, but she gets distracted when several girls surround Elena to wish her luck in the competition, and for some reason this annoys her. This girls catch her and invite her to join them for lunch when she realizes the morph pearl is wearing off. She quickly goes into hiding and returns to normal, then she resumes spying on them. She becomes frustrated seeing how happy Elena is.

Once school ends and the classroom clears, Elena shows Ms. Jou the script of her speech. She explains that she wanted to convey the power being ones smiles, which leads Ms. Jou to insult her and claim she knows nothing about society. She asks if she has ever been hated and doubtful of the smiles around her, but when Elena says that its never happened; she suddenly recalls that she used to feel this way when she was in elementary school. She felt as though she was different, and she ran away when others approached her. Ms. Jou suggests to Elena that she should use those feelings of hurt and anger for her speech instead, because these words are more likely to leave a bigger impact on the audience.

On the day of the speech competition, Elena's turn approaches. The announcer reads the title of her speech and she seems distraught as she steps up to the podium, causing the girls to worry. She begins her speech, explaining that while she was born in Japan and raised like the other students, she felt very different. She never smiled and she pushed others away, but then she would realize something whenever she saw her family. Her parents hug, sing and dance and they all have so much fun- its because of them that she found something to treasure. She slowly began to change as she took notice of the others more clearly, and she could tell that they had their own quirks too. She began to smile, and it spread to others and connected them. She wants to keep meeting people in order to deepen their bonds.

Everyone applauds for Elena but Ms. Jou is enraged. She calls out to her and tells her off for being a child who has been lying to herself. When it comes to people its only appearance that matters to them, smiles mean nothing. She storms off and Elena gives chase out into the woods as Hikaru expresses concern. The girls -along with Yuni- follow after them as Elena demands to know why she suddenly acted that way. The Morph pearl runs out of power and Ms. Jou becomes Tenjo once more, and she mocks Elena for being so naive before summoning the Nottorei, including a giant one that she obtained from the Principal. The girls transform into Pretty Cure and a battle ensues, with an angry Soleil doing battle with Tenjo an the Principal Nottorei. Tenjo tells her off and instructs it to attack, with Cosmo coming to her aid and asking what got her so worked up. Soleil holds the large Nottorei back, and she tells Tenjo that it was because of her advice that she was able to write her speech. She sticks by what she said and firmly believes in the impact a smile can have on others, and with a sudden power boost, she tosses the large Nottorei aside. The girls use this as a chance to use Star Twinkle Imagination.

The following day in school its announced that Elena won the competition. Everyone applauds her and she gives thanks to her coach, Ms. Jou. The Principal is very confused by the name as its announced that she hasn't been seen since the previous day.

Elsewhere, Fuyuki is called in by a staff member regarding an image that was sent in by someone near the school. He observes the photo of a normal Lala, with Prunce, Fuwa and the foot of the large Nottorei.

Major Events

  • Fuyuki learns about the existence of Lala, Prunce, Fuwa, and Yuni thanks to camera footage.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 39~
(November 10-16, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"Your aura will light up luckily" "Calligraphy tools to write neatly"


"When you can be happy to play with your team" "Seasoning paste that is exciting"


"You can do lots of things" "Chocolate to make your concentration go UP"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第39話予告 「えれな大ピンチ!テンジョウ先生のワナ!」

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