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Her Identity Is Exposed!? The Alien in Class 3, Year 2☆ (バレちゃった!?2年3組の宇宙人☆ Barechatta!? Ni Nen San Gumi no Uchūjin☆?) is the 40th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 773rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A rumor has been spread around the school regarding Lala. Furthermore, Lala transforms in front of her classmates to protect them!?


After getting dressed up, Lala walks with Hikaru to school and greets her classmates. Meanwhile, Fuyuki observes them nearby. He later follows Lala and Hikaru back into the forest and talks with them, while raising his suspicions after spotting their rocket and noting that his radar detected activity within the location. But Abraham claims that rocket is a mere prop for his next movie while Yuni noted that he could make a mistake. Fuyuki admits that his radar hasn't confirmed anything and decides to leave but not before declaring to expose who Lala really is. He later walks towards Sakurako on the street.

The next day, as Lala and Hikaru walked into their classroom, everyone was nervously staring at the former. Throughout the day, the students would either keep away from her or avoid looking at her. As the class cleans the room, Lala notice their strange behaviors and decides to take out trash out of frustration. Hikaru asks why everyone was acting unusual around her. Sakurako pointed out how strange events have been happening in Mihoshi Town with her usually passing out ever since Lala showed up. She also mentioned that Fuyuki approached her, asking her questions regarding Lala and aliens. Tatsunori states that the same thing has happened to him. Eavesdropping on the conversation, Lala runs into the library with tears in her eyes while Hikaru gives chase. After catching up, Lala sobs about how she thought that she understood humans after learning so much about them but then believes that she can never be part of them. Hikaru yells that she's wrong and begins to comfort her.

Back in the classroom, as the students continues to wonder whether Lala is an alien, Kappard appears to abduct them. Hikaru and Lala spotted Kappard's UFOs and followed them outside. Fuyuki, who happens to be nearby, also spotted the UFOs. As soon as the girls showed up, Kappard reminds Lala his warnings about the humans turning her backs against them. But Lala declares that he's wrong and notes how kind they were to her. She's states that she's willing to save them, regardless of how they feel towards her. As Hikaru stood by her side, Madoka rushed into the scene while Fuwa warped Elena and Yuni nearby. They all transformed directly in front of the students and began fighting against the Nottorei. Using the imagination of Fuyuki, Kappard transforms his weapon into a bow and fires a barrage of arrows. Lala uses her forcefield to protect the students from the attack and shouts how glad she was that everyone accepted her and intends to return the favor by protecting them. This amazes her classmates and activates her Twinkle Imagination. The Pretty Cure then use their Star Twinkle Imagination to defeat Kappard, causing him to retreat.

After waking up from the attack, Fuyuki finds himself surrounded by the students of Class 2-3, defending Lala from his accusation of being an alien with Madoka siding with them, much to his surprise. The students then later apologize to Lala, reconciling their friendship with her.

Major Events

  • Fuyuki approaches Lala about being an alien, with Yuni also revealing herself to him.
  • Lala's classmates find out that she is an alien and start to distance themselves from her.
  • The Pretty Cures transform in front of Hikaru and Lala's classmates, revealing their identities to them.
  • Cure Milky unlocks her Twinkle Imagination.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The transformation sequence mostly features Lala this time because the episode mainly focuses on her.
  • This episode marks the earliest time that the Pretty Cure have revealed their identities to any civilians.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 40~
(November 17-23, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll be twinkling for one week" "A dream taking the shape of a star"


"You can smile with everyone" "Cheese tea that is gentle"


"Take on any challenge endlessly" "A picture book of the universe where excitement spreads around"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第40話予告 「バレちゃった!?2年3組の宇宙人☆」

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