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Shine, Oh Moon☆ Madoka's First Step! (月よ輝け☆まどかの一歩! Tsuki yo Kagayake☆ Madoka no Ippo!?) is the 41st episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 774th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Madoka has to study in London once she finishes her duties as the Student Council President. However, Madoka is conflicted about whether to study abroad...


Madoka stares at the window remembering when she told her father to stop investigating her friends. She notices her father and walks away. Meanwhile, Garuouga decides to fight the Pretty Cure again, so Darknest lends him his powers.

At school, Madoka dubs Sakurako as the new student council president and gives her a bouquet of flowers. Sakurako announces to everyone that she will do her best to protect the school as the student council president, even if she isn't a member of the Pretty Cure team, then thanking Madoka for everything.

Back at home, Madoka talks to her parents about how great it was to have been the school president, but she then gets upset when she realizes that she has to study abroad in London. She then remembers when she was young that her father taught her how to do archery. Madoka asks her father about Lala, and learns that he did not have proof about her identity as an alien and failed to produce results for his company. Madoka is then told by her father that aliens don't exist anymore which angers her.

The next day at school, the teacher tells the students about the famous Neil Armstrong quote and asks Madoka to translate it. Madoka gets a little distracted at first, but does what she is told. She looks at the word on her paper "London" and gets concerned about it as Elena notices her strange behavior.

After school, Hikaru comments how Madoka has more time to socialize nowadays, but Madoka isn't sure how to answer her. Suddenly, Yuni surprises Hikaru and she explains that nobody else told her what they were up to until her stomach growls, embarrassing her. As the girls enjoy their Star Donuts, Madoka has a pep talk with Elena about her as the school's moon and her feelings towards her father. Elena then explains to her that she never knew somebody with such a nice smile which allows Madoka to finally understand what it's like to have a dazzling smile.

Later on, Garuouga appears and the five girls transform into Pretty Cure and fight him. During the battle, Selene confronts Garuouga about how she feels towards her father and studying abroad in London, which allows her to unlock her Twinkle Imagination and perform an unnamed upgraded version of Selene Arrow. Afterwards, Selene and the others end the battle using Star Twinkle Imagination. Garuouga leaves and the five Cures decide that they won.

Madoka then confronts her father about continuing to go to school with her friends so she can find the answer to what she will do in her life. Her father thinks that Madoka made a mistake but Mitsuka tells him her daughter's decision wasn't wrong at all. Madoka goes back to her room and fixes the mistake she made in Neil Armstrong's famous quote and imagines herself flying to the moon.

Major Events

  • Sakurako begins her duties as student council president as Madoka's term comes to an end.
  • Cure Selene unlocks her Twinkle Imagination.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 41~
(November 24-30, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"Why not try to go to an event?" "A diary to cherish each memory"


"You can have a big dream◎" "A porch that makes you feel like running"


"You can use good communication as well" "A smartphone to enjoy conversations"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第41話予告 「月よ輝け☆まどかの一歩!」

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