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Lost Smiles, Confused Elena. (笑顔の迷い、えれなの迷い。 Egao no Mayoi, Erena no Mayoi.?) is the 42nd episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 775th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Elena feels as if she cannot think about her own future since she puts her family first. And after learning about this, Elena's mother Kaede starts to get bothered by this.


The episode begins with the five girls inside the rocket making a toast to Madoka. Madoka wants to think about what she wants to do in her life. Outside, Elena is asked by Madoka what does she want to do but she doesn't know what yet.

At home, Kaede makes dinner for the siblings and Elena compliments her cooking skills but she doesn't mind things changing at home. Her father Carlos comes home with cookies and Elena warns her siblings not to eat too much before dinner. Kaede looks at a photo of her with her clients on her phone. She makes a phone call where she has to go back to work causing the siblings to be upset that she won't be the one making dinner for them. Elena confronts them about taking care of everything when Kaede then remembered the parent-teacher interview for Elena. As Kaede leaves, Elena watches Carlos cheer Anna up by giving her a cookie.


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 42~
(December 1-7, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"Can you be great at running!?" "A hair brush to make you beautiful"


"You'll be excited when you go out" "A world map that is exciting"
"Sky blue"


"You should learn what you wish to know" "A picture book with surprises inside"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第42話予告 「笑顔の迷い、えれなの迷い。」

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