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Lost Smiles, Confused Elena. (笑顔の迷い、えれなの迷い。 Egao no Mayoi, Erena no Mayoi.?) is the 42nd episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 775th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Elena feels as if she cannot think about her own future since she puts her family first. After learning about this, Elena's mother Kaede becomes bothered.


The girls are having a celebration for Madoka when she reveals that she's decided not to study abroad. She wants to learn more about who she is and take her time to decide her future by embracing her feelings head-on. She leaves with Elena, who remarks on her lovely smile as of late. Madoka insists that it was the push that she gave her encouraging her to do this, but Elena doesn't think she had that much to do with it. Madoka goes on to ask her what her future plans are, but Elena really didn't give it much thought; other then attending a local college while she keeps helping to look after her siblings, and after graduation she will keep working at the flower shop.

At the shop Elena arrives home to find her mother there making dinner. She expresses surprise, as her mom said she would be late- but everyone is in high spirits since this means she is the one making dinner for a change. It's been a long time. Elena teases her siblings over this, although she too is happy, and their dad brings in a package. Some cookies from overseas, from the people Kaede met last week. She shows Elena the picture that she took from that meeting and compliments them while Elena happily remarks on how much she loves her mothers job, since she can connect people through a smile. Just then, Kaede gets a call from work, asking her to come in as the other person scheduled can't make it. The children are disappointed and Anna cries, but Elena assures her mom that it will be fine. Kaede then recalls the parent-teacher meeting she has the following day and takes off after giving her encouragement. Elena smiles as she observes her siblings and father lift Anna's spirits.

The next day Elena and her mom are having the meeting with school faculty. He remarks on her grades being so good that she isn't limited to just attending a local school, and asks if she gave any thought to her future line of work. Elena confesses that she hasn't and he suggests that she talk with her parents to determine which school she would like to attend. Kaede noticed something is bothering her and asks once they leave, but Elena insists its nothing. She decides to drop the subject and to their surprise, they discover the delivery van before them on the street. Her younger siblings and father step out to reveal there was a delivery, and just then Lala and Hikaru show up with a large amount of donuts. Lala offers some to her siblings and Hikaru explains that there was a "half off the half off" sale going on. She asks Elena to joint them she refuses, but her mother insists she goes. Elena isn't sure since she has to work, but Kaede assures her its okay because she will be home earlier. Besides, she should focus on doing what she wants for a change. With that she leaves with the family to get dropped off at the station.

Aboard Lala's ship everyone partakes in the donuts. Prunce really wants to spread his love of these donuts to the universe and he bickers with Yuni after she mentions those planets that do no eat donuts. This makes Elena recall that Prunce knows several languages, and he reveals that he was an interpreter on the for starship alliance. He is incredibly smug as he responds to her, which Madoka finds amusing until they notice how serious Hikaru is taking the donuts. There is a limited-time donut coated in brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and nuts, but there are also some salty milk soy flour donuts that look good too, and plain isn't a bad choice either. As this is going on Fuwa can't decide which Pen to eat from, as one would give her a pink taiyaki, while the other has a colorful chocolate banana. Hikaru finally makes up her mind, to each all of the donuts, as does Fuwa, and they both begin to chow down.

As the sun sets Madoka and Elena take off. Madoa asks if she is okay, having noticed that she is acting unusual again and she goes on to remind Elena of those words she told her. She was able to lean on her when she was troubled, and now its her turn to be Elena's support. They sit down together and Elena confesses not to know what she wants to do in the future. She loves helping out with her family, and the store, and as a Pretty Cure. Madoka agrees, and she goes on to admit they are pretty similar. Because of how competent they normally are, when something occurs like this they become stuck. They are clumsy in the sense that they have multiple thoughts and opinions. Elena brings up that since becoming Cure Soleil she's met many people and learned of their different and unique values. She doesn't want any of these precious experiences go to waste. This leads Madoka to wonder if perhaps Elena may have her future goal in mind- she sounds like she yearns to go out and experience even more. Elena wonders if she could be right, and Madoka tells her to smile on her chosen path so that she may see how bright it is. She then apolgizes, thinking she may not have offered very good advice, but Elena thinks it was great as they recall what happened with Hikaru earlier.

Kaede is in a hurry to get home realizing she is running late. She worries over how hungry her family is until she sees a mother trying to calm her children, who are fussy over having to go home. They want to stay and play at the park. She suggests they have a race home, which seems to do the trick, and Kaede observes their happy faces. She recalls her own families smiles until remembering how unusual Elena was being, which makes her an easy target for Tenjo, who witnesses the display and quickly transforms her into a large Nottorei. Elena happens to overhear the commotion and she is shocked to discover what happened. She becomes angry until her mother speaks from inside the Nottorei, about Elena never smiling genuinely for her. Elena is in dismay as she tries to explain that she smiles in order to make everyone else happy, its for their sake. Tenjo then accuses her of making her mother suffer by always spouting that smile-nonsense. These are her true feelings, she did nothing but twist them further.

The others arrive and prepare to transform, but they are forced to encourage Elena noticing her concerns. She transforms with them and the others make quick work of the Nottorei until Tenjo instructs the larger one to attack Soleil, who is unable to do anything as Tenjo attempts to convince her that she's nothing more than a laughable fake wearing a mask for others. Soleil gets hurt and the others come to her defense as she sees her mother struggling to fight off Tenjo's influence and calls out to her. Selene tells Tenjo that while her mother may be suffering now, a smile can also come in at the worst of times to heal someone. She learned this from Soleil, and they believe in her knowing what she was trying so hard to protect. Soleil rises and with her resolve to continue protecting the smile of others, the battle resumes. She uses the Libra Pen with Soleil Shoot to destroy one of the large Nottorei's blasters, and the girls use this moment to use Star Twinkle Imagination to purify her mom.

Kaede awakens and the girls observe from afar when she notices the time. She hurries to get home, and seeing how quiet Elena is being, they try to speak with her. She tells them she is okay though, and heads for home as evening rolls in. She overhears her siblings complain and heads inside once she is sure she's made up her mind.


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Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 42~
(December 1-7, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"Can you be great at running!?" "A hair brush to make you beautiful"


"You'll be excited when you go out" "A world map that is exciting"
"Sky blue"


"You should learn what you wish to know" "A picture book with surprises inside"


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スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第42話予告 「笑顔の迷い、えれなの迷い。」

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