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Emitting Feelings Through Smiles☆ Tenjo VS Elena! (笑顔への想い☆テンジョウVSえれな! Egao e no Omoi ☆ Tenjō VS Erena!?) is the 43rd episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 776th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls head to Planet Guten to find some clues on where the Notraider's base is. There, they learn that the planet is Tenjo's home, which values long noses more than anything else.


Toppa and the travel to Planet Guten in hopes of locating the Notraider's base. When they arrived, they noticed that the inhabitants look similar to Tenjo, and are so proud of their long noses that they pity Prunce for not having a nose at all. Meanwhile, Tenjo managed to receive a signal of the Star Princess Pens on her radar and ordered the Nottorei to be on standby after discovering their location.

Later, Elena roams around the planet by herself, remembering what her mother said about her smile and feeling disturbed about the aliens being full of themselves. At the same time, Tenjo finally arrives on the planet, being just as aggravated from all the people surrounding her. The two eventually encounter each other with Tenjo remarking how fake smiles can be, using Guten as proof but Yuni intervenes and the rest of the girls arrive to transform and confront Tenjo. During the fight, Tenjo's mask falls off, revealing that she has a small nose. It was also revealed that as a child, adults were comforting her every time she cried about her nose but it turned out to be a facade as they would laugh and mock her behind her back. Remembering this awful memory, she tells the Cures they should just disappear as she turns herself into a giant Nottorei.

Tenjo runs amok around the city, attacking everything in sight. Cure Star, Milky, and Cosmo try to stop her but they end up getting trapped by her spiky heart-shaped projectiles. Soleil, however, remained shocked and motionless, prompting Selene to protect her from Tenjo's attacks, but she too gets trapped in the process. Devastated, Soleil claims she doesn't know what to do but Selene was sure Soleil should believe in herself. As Tenjo starts attacking Soleil next, Soleil stated that she also felt distant from other people but the smiles of her family made her happy and she wanted to help Tenjo smile too. This awakens her Twinkle Imagination, allowing the team to defeat her with Star Twinkle Imagination. After the attack, Soleil offers to help Tenjo but she asked if Soleil could really make her smile before leaving.

Back on Earth, Elena offers to help her mother prepare dinner, in which she declined but Elena kept insisting she help. While preparing, Elena starts to cry, wondering if she will be able to make others smile. Kaede hugs her daughter while telling her to be more honest with her feelings. After Carlos walks in, Elena reveals that she wants to be an interpreter, in which both parents fully support her decision. With the rest of children entering the kitchen, the whole family help prepare dinner.

Major Events

  • Tenjo's past is revealed.
  • Cure Soleil unlocks her Twinkle Imagination.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 43~
(December 8-14, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"Be happy while dancing and playing ball games" "Athletic clothes with easy body movements"


"I can show kindness to everyone" "A tree decoration with a heart"


"You can twinkle in the cutest clothes" "A sock that seems to fulfill a wish"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第43話予告 「笑顔への想い☆テンジョウVSえれな!」

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