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The Twinkling Star☆Hikaru's Imagination! (輝くキラキラ星☆ひかるのイマジネーション! Kagayaku Kirakira Hoshi☆ Hikaru no Imajinēshon!?) is the 45th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 778th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Four Twinkle Imaginations have been awaken, and only Hikaru remains to awaken hers. But, Hikaru has been feeling rather upset lately...

Major Events

  • Cure Star unlocks her Twinkle Imagination.


It's raining and the girls are all gathered in the rocket discussing about their their future plans. Meanhwile, back in the Notraider's base, Kappard was summoned, being aware that Tenjo was nowhere to be seen since her last encounter. With the patience of Darknest wearing thin, he begs for one last chance in retrieving Fuwa and defeating the Pretty Cure.

Back on Earth, Hikaru and Lala were meeting up with their classmates while they were taking a walk under the rain. The former would later visit Ryoutarou's observatory by herself. While helping him prepare for his next section, she expressed great joy about learning about the stars and how much she loved constellation since her first visit. She later showed Fuwa the Summer Triangle, comparing it to the relationship she has with her parents. Hikaru then talks with Ryoutarou about how down she feels about how everyone is about to go on their separate ways soon. Ryoutarou responded with the times he spent with Hikaru's grandparents, having the same feeling when they gotten married but then notes that the Deneb of the Summer Triangle never changes and that it always shines, regardless of what's happening to the stars surrounding it.

Hikaru decided to meet up with her friends again but along the way, she encounters Kappard, who orders the Nottorei to not get involve this time. Hikaru transforms into Cure Star to confront him but with the power of his own imagination and the rain drastically increasing his strength, he was able to overpower her several times into the point she loses her transformation. During the battle, Kappard was reminded of the beauty of his home planet and how it went into ruin from the different alien species sharing and fighting over its water resources. He then expresses his great displeasure for how Hikaru acts and was about to finish her off until the rest of the Star Twinkle Pretty Cure came to her aid. Being unwilling to let them interfere, Kappard orders the Nottorei to intercept and proceeds to attack Hikaru but Cure Milky protects her. However, Kappard was able to break through her forcefield while continues to berates Hikaru for her inability to understand, causing her to regret the fact she is unable to unlock her Twinkle Imagination. But Milky protests against Kappard, noting how she was able to understand humans and that Hikaru is special as well. This makes Hikaru wish to learn more about Kappard and she was not only able to transform back into Cure Star but also unlock her Twinkle Imagination, being able to disperse his giant water attack and defeat him with the other Cures using Star Twinkle Imagination.

Kappard kneels in defeat but Hikaru reaches out her hand to help him. While seemingly was about to accept her offer, Kappard was hurled into portal leading back into the base and was suffering grave consequences for his failure. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the girls were very happy about Hikaru awakening her Twinkle Imagination but Hikaru looked up into the sky, noticing it to be darker than usual.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 45~
(December 22-28, 2019)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"You'll have a lucky message inside your dream" "A Christmas cake to make one happy"


"You can enjoy a party" "Star-shaped earrings that come with a pin"


"Your room will be refreshed" "Simple clothes that can make you move easily"
"A pastel color"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第45話予告 「輝くキラキラ星☆ひかるのイマジネーション!」

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