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Overlapping Thoughts! The Star of Hope Shines Through The Darkness☆ (想いを重ねて!闇を照らす希望の星☆ Omoi wo Kasanete! Yami wo Terasu Kibō no Hoshi☆?) is the 48th episode of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure and is the 781st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Ophiuchus Princess has swallowed the universe up in darkness. Just as Hikaru loses hope, she finds...

Major Events

  • Ophiuchus is defeated once and for all. She then leaves to an unknown corner of the universe.
  • The Cures give up their powers to bring back Fuwa, however she doesn't have her memories.
  • Yuni and Lala go back to their respective homes.


Fuwa and Ophiuchus have disappeared and the girls are grieving over Fuwa's sacrifice. However, said sacrifice was in vain as Ophiuchus reappears, mocking the Cures for not feeling the same way as Fuwa. She then proceeds to erase the entire universe to create a universe that best fit her vision.

However, Hikaru is still alive yet floating helplessly in the void. However, she isn't alone as the others were still alive too. Realizing that Fuwa is still within their hearts, the group sings to transform into their Twinkle Styles where they fly towards Ophiuchus. Unfazed, Ophiuchus engages in the fight, ridiculing their imagination but Star argues with her until the team are able to overpower her and restore the universe.

Ophiuchus is confused upon realizing she is still alive so Star tells her why. The Star Princesses ask Ophiuchus if she's willing to join them again but Ophiuchus refuses and will return if the universe's imagination becomes twisted again. Before leaving, she gives Garuouga her bracelet, telling him to use it if he wishes to track her down for vengeance.

Star wonders where Fuwa is and the Star Princesses informs her that she's within the Star Palace and bringing her back will mean they'll lose their Pretty Cure powers. However, the team are fine with this predicament. The Cures are able to bring Fuwa back but the Star Princesses tell them that Fuwa must stay at the palace. Garuouga uses the bracelet's remaining power to create a portal for the girls to use to go back to their respective planets.

Realizing that they will be parting ways, Lala tries talking to Hikaru but with the Star Color Pendants now gone, she can only speak her language. However, she manages to thank Hikaru, which surprises Hikaru and makes her cry. After touching Lala's antennae one last time, Hikaru, Madoka, and Elena pass through the portal. When they arrive back home, they look up at the starry sky.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Cures perform Star Twinkle Imagination without Fuwa present. Instead, the memories of her is used to help perform the attack.
  • The opening is not played at all in this episode.
  • No title card or eyecatch is used in this episode.
  • Another preview of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure played at the end of the episode.

Constellation Fortune Telling

~Constellation Fortune Telling - Episode 47~
(January 19-25, 2020)
Horoscope Description Lucky Item Lucky Color Lucky Number


"If you feel confident, show it to people all over the world." "A Ramen that gives you courage"


"When you do your best to prepare your house and take care of yourself." "A Oyakodon that makes you feel relieved"


"Good luck tips in your imagination!" "A Perfume that you can be wonderful"


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Episode Preview


スター☆トゥインクルプリキュア 第48話予告 「想いを重ねて!闇を照らす希望の星☆」

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