Sakura Blizzard Dance (さくらふぶきの まい Sakura Fubuki no Mai?) is Cure Fortune's main attack with the use of the Anmitsu Komachi form. To use this attack, she needs her Fortune Tambourine. It debuted in episode 24.


Cure Fortune uses Anmitsu Komachi's PreCard and presses the purple, pink and yellow keys in the Fortune Piano to transform into this form. After transforming, she starts dancing traditional Japanese dances and beats the Fortune Tambourine. In the end, she shakes her tambourine and creates a sakura blizzard, and the Choiarks are blown away.



Cure Fortune: プリキュアきらりんスターシンフォニ!
Cure Fortune: あんみつこまち!
Cure Fortune: プリキュアさくらふぶきの まい!


Cure Fortune: Purikyua Kirarin Sutā Shinfonī!
Cure Fortune: Anmitsu Komachi!
Cure Fortune: Purikyua Sakura Fubuki no Mai!


Cure Fortune: Pretty Cure Sparkling Star Symphony!
Cure Fortune: Anmitsu Komachi!
Cure Fortune: Pretty Cure Sakura Blizzard Dance!


  • Unlike most of the other Pretty Cure attacks, Sakura Blizzard Dance does not consist of any English words. Instead it is completely in Japanese.



Cure Fortune Form Change Anmitsu Komachi

Cure Fortune Form Change Anmitsu Komachi

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