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Sakuragawa Saki (桜川咲?) is a minor character from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. She is Manatsu, Laura, and Sango's homeroom teacher.


Saki has brown hair that reaches her shoulders and brown eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a pale green blouse, light brown pants with a white belt and black high heels. She also wears glasses.


Saki is very kind and has a clumsy side.


Saki first appears in episode 2 where she has the class introduce themselves to everyone. Later on, she acts as the presenter for the club orientation.

In episode 3, Saki comes across Manatsu, Sango and their three classmates when visiting a clothes shop, but accidentally nearly causes a mannequin to fall off its podium, which she struggles to put back.

In episode 6, Manatsu chooses Saki to be the Tropical Club's club advisor, much to Saki's delight even though she is clueless about the context.

In episode 8, Saki checks on the girls who are making lunchboxes, and is confused when the girls try to hide Laura from her.

In episode 11, Saki checks in on the sand art competition, and gives the main girls some marine gummies before she leaves.

In episode 25, Saki announces that there will be a class observation, but she initially doesn't tell the class that it's because her father who is coming to visit, until the Tropical Club notices that she is acting weird. She tells the Tropical Club that things started back when she visited her father, who told her that he wanted to come to Aozora City, during the break, and they decide to help her out after Minori concludes that her father might want her to inherit the family orchard. During the time when her father visits the school though, she has made many careless mistakes, which makes the girls concerned about her career. Despite her clumsiness during the class observation, it turns out that her father doesn't mind it that much and instead finally reveals the truth behind his visit: to attend a concert while visiting the school as a detour. Her father admits that he was originally too embarrassed to tell her, and that she doesn't need to worry about the orchard thanks to his fellow fans. He also praises her for becoming a wonderful teacher. She vows with the Tropical Club that she will strive to become better in the end.



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