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Saman (サマーン?) is a planet in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure which can be found in the Starry Sky Galaxy (星空界?) and is the planet where Lala comes from.

Known Residents


The planet itself is ruled by an artificial intelligence that the Saman people call the Mother. All of their personalities, abilities and characters are assigned by the Mother. A ranking system exists to identify each inhabitant, with 1 being the highest and 8 being the lowest. They rely on hover boards for transportation, but as a result, they appear to tire out quickly if they have to travel by foot.

As in episode 49, Lala has influenced the people to begin learning to walk. Jobs are no longer ranked as well, and people can choose to become whoever they want.


To greet one another, Saman's people use their antennae to interact by touching the orbs at the end of them. Unlike Japanese people, Saman people don't use honorifics as part of their greetings but instead call one another by full names.


Due to chiefly relying on artificial intelligence, Saman doesn't have any schools.


All of Saman's people have thin antennae with yellow orbs at the end of each one that they use for interacting with others. They also all have stars in the pupils of their eyes. They all add “~lun” at the end of their sentences.


Saman - It means “together” in the Icelandic language.



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