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Saotome Jun (早乙女純 Saotome Jun?) is a minor character who appears in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He attends school at Oogai First Middle School. His dream is to become a Student Council member, like Mana, at end of the series, he becomes the new school student council member.


Jun's wish was to be one of the Student Council members because Mana helped him. He begged at Mana to join, and Mana accepted him. Jun then followed Mana, after going through adventures as Mana helped people, Jun was starting to become tired as he helped her. While talking a rest, Joe came up to him and gave him a Lovead, which would make his dreams come true. After going to the library, Jun wanted a book, however he wasn't tall enough to reach it, Mana then came and gave him the book. Seeing this Jun, became desperate, thinking that he wasn't supposed to be on the Student Council. Jun then followed Mana to watch tennis. Jun was sad when he saw how strong Mana was. Then as they were walking a girl's hat was flying away, Jun saw it and was running, then Mana began to run. Jun then was getting slow, and he was thinking that he was weak, short and had no power like Mana. Then he ran for a little bit and gave up on hiself as he fell in the ground. As he fell, he saw Mana as she had the hat, seeing that Jun wished if he could be like Mana. Because of his wish, Ira appeared, as he took Jun's heart to become a Jikochuu. Mana seeing this became a Cure. While fighting, Cure Heart founded it hard to fight, because of Jun's feelings, however she then became mad and used Heart Shoot to purify the Jikochū. After everything got back to normal, Jun woke up as he saw Mana standing at him and told that he had seen a dream. After a few days, Mana asked people where Jun was, Mana felt bad about it but after seeing flowers and Jun she became happy. Then Mana told Jun that he was a Student Council, Jun then became really happy as he smiled. DDPC12


Jun appears as a typical student with his school uniform and somewhat long, black hair. He also wears a green Lovead on his shirt (given to him by Joe) as a lucky charm. 


Jun has a joyful personality and often gets worried, because of not helping and being weak, but when Mana tells him to not give up, Jun begins to get confident on himself and begins to work hard.



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