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Sapphire Style pointing their sticks at the enemy
Sapphire Smartish (サファイア・スマーティッシュ Safaia Sumātisshu?) is the third dual attack performed by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! series. It is first used in episode 7 and requires the Magic Wands and Linkle Stone Sapphire to be inserted into the Linkle Sticks and they must be in their Sapphire Styles.


Miracle and Magical grab their Linkle Sticks and Mofurun does a back flip to send a stream of water towards the girls, who rise their sticks in the air so the water can insert the Linkle Stone Sapphire to the sticks. The two girls float upwards and hold hands with their free hands and point their glowing sticks towards the enemy. Mofurun produces a water drop and the two girls draw a pearl shaped droplet that combine to become a glowing green circle upon a crystal like pearl platform. The crystal like pearl platform becomes a blue pentagram that shoots a tunnel of water towards the enemy, wrapping it in a ball of water. The girls land on the ground and wave their sticks to the side, to shrink the ball and purify the enemy in an explosion similar to that of a supernova.



Both: リンクルステッキ!
Both: サファイア!
Both: 青き知性よ…私たちの手に!
Both: フルフルリンクル~!
Both: プリキュアサファイアスマーティッシュ!


Both: Rinkuru Sutekki!
Both: Safaia!
Both: Aoki chisei yo...watashitachi no te ni!
Both: Furufuru Rinkuru~!
Both: Purikyua Safaia Sumātisshu!


Both: Linkle Stick!
Both: Sapphire!
Both: Oh blue intelligence...within our hands!
Both: Shaking Linkle~!
Both: Pretty Cure Sapphire Smartish!




🌢PreCure Sapphire Smartish🌢

🌢PreCure Sapphire Smartish🌢

Sapphire Smartish

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