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Sawaizumi Chiyu (沢泉ちゆ?) is a main character in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. Chiyu's alter ego is Cure Fontaine (キュアフォンテーヌ?) and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Water.



Chiyu is a pale-skinned girl with grey-blue eyes and long charcoal black hair worn over her left shoulder in a ponytail held by a light blue scrunchie. Casually, she wears a pale blue and indigo off-shoulder top with long sleeves and dark blue straps on the shoulders. Her long denim skirt has a row of blue buttons going down the middle and a pale yellow belt.

As Cure Fontaine, her eyes and hair become bright blue and her hair grows into a knee-length curled ponytail that splits into two sections, held by a pearl tiara that has a sapphire heart at the center. She wears thin, light blue droplet-shaped earrings and a dark blue choker with a blue droplet and a light indigo ruffle hanging from it. The top part of her outfit consists of a cerulean blue vest with puffy light blue sleeves gathered in blue cuffs with a long coattail with a pale blue heart at the bottom. The dress under it is blue and white at the top with light indigo, dark blue, and light aquamarine layers, with the last layer slightly ruffled. Her boots are blue with cerulean leg-warmers decorated with a droplet. She also wears white gloves with blue hearts on the back of the hands.


Chiyu is a second-year middle school student who lives a hygienic and cheerful lifestyle. As an older sister type, she will do anything to help those in need. She's also very serious with a strong sense of responsibility and will try to do everything herself. She is sporty, being the ace of the school's track and field team, and smart as well, especially when it comes to science. Despite usually being focused, Chiyu finds puns quite humorous and will laugh whenever someone makes one.

When she was young, Chiyu was amazed by the sky and ocean, as they look like a single scenery while she was swimming. This experience inspired her to become a high-jumping athlete, where she constantly tries to improve herself.


  • Pegitan - Chiyu adores Pegitan and even volunteered to become his partner to fight the Megabyogen.
  • Hanadera Nodoka - Chiyu becomes fast friends with Nodoka, and cares for her well-being.
  • Hiramitsu Hinata - Chiyu and Hinata initially struggle to become friends with each other due to being polar opposites in terms of personality. They eventually overcome their differences and become close friends. She often worries about Hinata's actions, but mostly enjoys laughing at Hinata’s puns.
  • Sawaizumi Touji - Touji is her younger brother, who she shares a close bond with and deeply cares for.


Sawaizumi (沢泉?) - Sawa (?) means "mountain stream" [1], while Izumi (?) means "fountain" [2].

Chiyu (ちゆ?) - There are three different meanings for the name, Chiyu, which are "cure", "healing", and "recovery" [3].

Cure Fontaine is a French word meaning "fountain or natural spring or an area of natural springs" [4].


Meeting Nodoka

In episode 1, Chiyu is jogging and comes across Nodoka. She doesn't notice her scrunchie falling out until Nodoka tells her. When Nodoka struggles to breathe, Chiyu is concerned. In the following episode, Chiyu gives Nodoka advice on how to exercise and improve her stamina. After school, Chiyu overhears Nodoka talking to Latte and Rabirin.

Meeting Pegitan and Becoming Cure Fontaine

In episode 3, Chiyu gives Nodoka a tour at her family's hot spring inn. Later, Shindoine summons a Megabyogen, infecting the water element. Chiyu witnesses Nodoka transforming into Cure Grace and is saved by her from being hit by a falling tree. Grace gets injured and Chiyu talks to Pegitan about lending her power to transform. He is unsure and afraid of endangering her but is touched by her kind words and helps her become Cure Fontaine for the first time.

With her athletic strength, she is able to deliver powerful kicks and purifies the Megabyogen with Healing Stream. After saving the Water Element, she starts looking after Pegitan.

Accepting Her Own Limits

In episode 8, Chiyu is practicing high jump for the school's upcoming tournament. But unlike usual, she fails again and again. Her friends are concerned, thus Nodoka and Hinata decide to go jogging with her. She opens up by telling them of her motivation to train for a high jump - she was impressed with the vastness of the sky and the ocean as a child. Later, when participating in the tournament, the event is disturbed by a Megabyogen. The battle motivates her to accept her own limitations and master her high jump, and afterward, she succeeds in performing the jump.

Learning to Become a Hostess

In episode 17, Chiyu and Touji volunteer to help their family out after learning that some staff had taken the weekend off. Chiyu's grandmother teaches her that being a hostess means caring for the guests' needs. During her service, she meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their daughter Emily Smith, who she notices is rather upset. After telling her friends about her inability to make Emily smile, Chiyu receives encouragement from them and learns that she has to have a caring heart as wide as the ocean. Chiyu later reaches out to Emily and learns that she feels lonely because she is not ready to move to Japan with her parents. After an intense fight with Shindoine, Chiyu, along with her brother and friends, play games with Emily, and finally has a stronger sense of belonging to her family inn after the Smiths leave.

Cure Fontaine

HGPC03 Fontaine poses

Cure Fontaine poses

"The two intersecting streams! Cure Fontaine!"
Majiwaru Futatsu no Nagare! Kyua Fontēnu!

Cure Fontaine (キュアフォンテーヌ?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Chiyu. In order to transform, she needs her transformation Element Bottle, her Healing Animal partner Pegitan and her Healing Stick.


The transformation begins with Pegitan leaping up and shouting "Start!" before entering the Healing Stick. Chiyu then turns around as she completes the transformation phrase and holds the stick and her Transformation Element Bottle. She inserts the bottle into the stick as it becomes surrounded in a white aura. Chiyu and Pegitan then say "Cure Touch!" together as Chiyu presses the right paw once before a stream of bubbles appears from the glowing tip of the stick. Chiyu's hair is let out of its ponytail where she is then shown standing on top of a water droplet while blue bubbles follow her. She waves the stick around as the bubbles merge and turn into a white coat that falls onto Chiyu's shoulders. Then she taps her feet and her boots appear, follow by her gloves before the cape wraps around her body and forms her dress. A bow appears in the back while a dark blue brooch with a ruffly ribbon appears in the front. Chiyu's hair then grows longer and turns bright blue with her earrings and tiara appearing before tiny bubbles also appear in her hair, completing the transformation. Fontaine is then propelled forward via a stream of water. She then poses with her Healing Stick as she and Pegitan start the introduction. After she cuddles Pegitan, Fontaine reaches up towards the sky before striking her finishing pose.



Chiyu's voice actor, Yorita Natsu has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Takeda Hana, who voices Pegitan, Yuuki Aoi, who voices Hanadera Nodoka, Kouno Hiyori, who voices Hiramitsu Hinata, and Mimori Suzuko, who voices Fuurin Asumi.




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