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Sawaizumi Nao (沢泉なお?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is Chiyu and Touji's mother and the owner of the Sawaizumi Hot Spring Inn.


Nao has black hair tied back into a bun with brown eyes. She wears a pale green traditional Japanese kimono with a yellow belt that has a red string tied around it and a pale pink layer beneath it. She wears white socks and lilac colored sandals.


Nao is a gentle and kind lady who is determined to serve her customers well when they stay at the inn.


Nao first appears in episode 3, asking Kawai-san to check the inn's water source, and is relieved to know that it is fine after her daughter and employee tell her so.

In episode 17, she allows Chiyu and Touji to volunteer to help with the inn after some of her staff take the day off. When Chiyu asks her about her mother's professional hospitality to the guests, she admits to Chiyu that she still has a lot to learn from her mother and is later glad that Chiyu has grown a stronger sense of belonging to the inn.




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