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Sawaizumi Touji (沢泉とうじ?) is a minor character who appears in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. He is Sawaizumi Chiyu's younger brother.


Touji has charcoal black hair with eyes of the same color. He wears a cyan t-shirt, with a white long sleeved shirt underneath, brown shorts, dark blue socks, and navy blue and white sneakers.


Touji is a helpful young boy who dreams of becoming a host at his family inn. He can sometimes be clumsy though, and struggles with confidence, but he always tries his best.


Touji appears in episode 17, wanting to help out at his family's inn. However, he is disappointed and confused when he tries to clean certain areas as they are already clean.

He once again appears in episode 22, giving Chiyu some snacks, only to be confused when she glares at him and slams the door in his face.

In episode 32, Touji tries to help out at the inn, but he continuously fails to do so. Feeling discouraged, he tells his Chiyu's friends that he feels like he's causing trouble for them and his sister. After being scolded by Chiyu for sighing in front of Mr. Chikara, he tells Asumi about how upset he feels, so Asumi encourages him. He eventually gets praised by Mr. Chikara who thanks him for protecting his puppy.

In episode 34, he shows up with his father to support his sister, and is glad when Chiyu has won the high jump competition.

In episode 38, Touji is determined to become the next innkeeper of the family inn, and encourages his sister to be more focused on high jump as well. He later admits to her that it is not only to support her, but it is also because he likes seeing the guests smile. But he is still glad that his sister has chosen to pursue both of her dreams, and accepts her challenge.



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