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Scorp (スコルプ Sukorupu?) is the first member of Eternal to appear in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.


Scorp is a brown skinned man with short red hair. He wears a black jacket with a long crimson scarf, with black pants and boots.

His real form is a scorpion looking man with brown solid armour.


Scorp is an honest man who hates being mocked or humiliated. He tends to blow his fuse when others don't know his name.


He seems to know a lot about Syrup and his circumstances, since Syrup was Eternal's delivery boy. When fighting the Cures, he transforms into a human-like scorpion. Although they do not get along well at first, he gradually becomes friends with Bunbee. As he is defeated by Milky Rose's attack, Blizzard, he whispers "Farewell...Bunbee".



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