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Shadow (シャドウ Shadō?) is the main villain in Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!. In it, they steal the magical crystals of the Mirror Kingdom, destroying almost everything there.

To make their dream of ruling all worlds come true, Shadow attempts to take the Dream Collet. Shadow also created the Dark Pretty Cure 5 by using the Mirror Kingdom's crystals.


Shadow is a punk rocker who dresses up in 90's fashion. They have grayish blue messy and spiky hair and their clothes show their midriff.


Shadow is a power-hungry person, destroying anyone in their path with no remorse. Shadow also has no problem punishing anyone who defies their orders and would blackmail to achieve their goals.


Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!

Sometime before the movie starts, Shadow has conquered the mirror kingdom and stolen its crystals. They have also imprisoned all the residents by encasing them in crystals save Hidarin and Migirin who Shadow is blackmailing into being servants. They scheme to steal the Dream Collet to use it to grant their wish of ruling all worlds. To this end Shadow created Dark Pretty Cure 5. Shadow then sends out Hidarin and Migirin to steal the Dream Collet telling the duo that everyone will be freed if they do so. In reality this is all a trick and Shadow is eventually defeated by the real Pretty Cure and the Mirror Kingdom is restored.

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu☆Niji-Iro no Hana

Shadow is revived in the third Pretty Cure All Stars movie by Black Hole, who orders the villains to find the Prism Flower which connects the parallel worlds together. Shadow is the only one who does not fight the 21 Pretty Cures and gets tired of waiting and looks for the Prism Flower by themself, using their mirrors. In the end, the fairies stop and purify Shadow by using the Miracle Lights.


  • Shadow and Syrup from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! share the same voice actress, Park Romi.
  • Shadow's gender is left ambiguous.
  • They are threatening and serious in their movie debut, but in DX3 they are turned into a comic relief character.


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