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Shakince (シャーキンス Shākinsu?) is one of Deusmast's loyal retainers in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!. He is based on the crow tengu youkai.


He is large and muscular. He has dark green skin and a long, angular faceshape with prominent cheek bones. He has light blue eyes, with yellow facemarkings on his cheeks and chin. He wears bright red make-up, some as eyeliner similar to Labut, and some as lipstick on his upper lip, making his mouth seem smaller than it actually is. Like Labut, he also wears gold rings, but as earrings instead of armlets.

In his monster form he grows to a humongous size, grows an additional pair of dark green wings and his clothing rips a bit. His arms and legs are also more muscular in appearance. His skin color becomes saturated and his eyes change to completely blue. 

Shakince's design has some elements of classic karasu-tengu (烏天狗 karasutengu?), bird-like yōkai, in particular his wings and legs and the fingered leaf fan he is holding when he first appears before the Cures.


He first appears in episode 30 in the form of a spirit that resided within a stone statue. He, along with Benigyo, observed Labut as he tried to defeat the Pretty Cures but Labut failed and was destroyed.

He made his first full appearance in episode 32, but his Donyokubaru ended up being defeated by the Cures as well. He had his final fight with the Cures in episode 42, in which he transformed into his monster form and tried to crush the Cures under his feet, but ultimately lost to the Cures' Extreme Rainbow attack.

As the attack shot him into the sun, where Deusmast's main body was sealed, Deusmast's return in episode 48 also featured his revival. Along with the other three Never Ending Chaos members he fuses with the main body of Deusmast and becomes one of Deusmast's four eyes. He is defeated along with Deusmast in episode 49.


He was born from a stone statue and carries out his missions like a soldier and talks like one as well. He has a serious and cold personality and favours destroying the Cures over a peaceful solution.

Shakince is not a fair player, breaking a promise to Chikurun to leave the Cures alone if their transformation items are stolen. His personal motivations for anything stay unclear.


He is able to summon Donyokubaru. He can acquire massive height like Labut, but instead of using his Mugic elaborately like the former does, he tries to kill the Cures in a simplistic way - by stomping on them.



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