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Shibiretta (シビレッタ Shibiretta?) is a villain of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.



Shibiretta is an elderly woman who usually wears a green cloak but on a few occasions she changes her clothes. Her most notable feature is the large mushroom on her head, which is actually her 'hair'. She has a swirly medallion around her neck and wears black boots. Her face is extremely ugly and wrinkly, has a witch nose as well as pimples and moles, though she rarely reveals her face and her eyes are mostly hidden by her mushroom head. She usually carries a staff which shoots dark energy during combats.


Shibiretta is very cruel, who laughs when seeing people in pain. She is very demanding and laughs like a witch. She despises everything beautiful and loves to trick Pretty Cure.


  • Boss - Shibiretta seems to be very loving to the Boss in a professional way, but she is ignorant that he is only using her.
  • Anacondy - Anacondy and Shibiretta mutually hate each other. They are opposing each other in things such as returning items, the Boss’s attention, and defeating the Pretty Cures. She taunts Anacondy by saying, “The Boss only has Flora on his mind.” But she normally gets her reports done on time for Anacody, since Anacody is still her senior.
  • Pretty Cure and Milky Rose - Because of Shibiretta working for Eternal, Pretty Cure by default are her enemies. She has trapped nearly all of the Cures in a fairy tale for something that they have done. She also hates the arrival of Milky Rose because she is always the one that saves Pretty Cure when they are in trouble.


Her name comes from word "Hikageshibiretake" - a species of a psychoactive mushroom, endemic to Japan.


Once she traps Pretty Cure into a fairy tale, she turns an object from that tale into a Hoshina. In her office she has a desk with a book with every single fairy tale in it , she can turn the page just with her mind and uses it to trap people in fairy tales. Shibiretta can also shape-shift into one of the characters of the stories she trapped the Pretty Cures but this is rare.


Shibiretta had originally retired but was rehired by the Boss.

She first appeared when she cast a spell to create a black void which sent Nozomi, Coco and Syrup into Pinocchio. She has used other real fairy tales including Jack & the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Urashima Tarō, Princess Kaguya, The Little Mermaid and Ali-Baba & the 40 Thieves. She had also taken Pretty Cure to the Moon. She was defeated in episode 42, where she was killed by Rainbow Rose Explosion.



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